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Sat, April 20

Letter | Vote with your conscience

Michael Nelson in his Oct. 30 Community View “Vote with your conscience,” shows an ignorance and confusion that seems more prevalent these days. He is very afraid of “socialism,” and is confused about our immigrant situation and taxes.

He probably would have a stroke if he realized that America, to a significant degree, is socialist. Socialism simply describes a situation where entities are owned by the government for the good of the community. Our armed forces, coast guard, some utilities and interstate road system are owned and operated by the U.S. government.

Regionally, some hospitals, all fire, sheriff and police departments are also “socialist” being owned by various states or municipalities.

Nelson postulates that “socialism” would erase hospice care, when, in fact, much of it is paid for by Medicare.

He’s scared that the immigrant invasion would lead to socialism. Our Hispanic immigrants, illegal and legal, support our economy by working in jobs that most of our white citizens refuse. They also pay taxes and FICA for social security.

Mike Lipskin



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