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Sat, April 20

Letter | Who are we to trust

It really angers me during election time. One party says how we must trust them and the same goes for the other party. Here is a very serious question for those such as myself who vote, who are we supposed to put our trust in?

Food for thought: If both parties are running, why not put more energy in helping each other? After all, are you not working for Uncle Sam? Yes or No! And you expect us taxpayers to answer in your liberal yankee forked-tongue kangaroo court.

Please stop confusing us voters or just drop out. That’s your only deal. No wonder so many people won’t vote due to your political mud slinging.

Here is my advice to those that are running for office: Grow-up and clean-up your act, OK? Enough is enough with your slimy tactics. We the taxpayers are very sick of your childish act. Just so you can get votes. I don’t really care what party you are with because both parties are equally guilty. Thank You!

Remember this people: When you are honest with yourself and others you honor our Heavenly Father. Honesty is the best policy. Hint! Hint! to Judge Billy K Sipe. The Byland Case of 1992.

Kenny Lee Barrows

Local resident


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