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Mon, April 22

Community View | Beware the evolution teachings; don’t let your enemies defeat you

It seems that everyone is getting into it. The Bible being labeled just a religious text has been pushed by insecure professors in higher learning.

I have physics and astrophysics professors in classes around the world that spend quite some time during lectures telling students that the Bible is trash for simpletons, everything in it is not true and has to be taken on faith.

Really, and Jeff Chase spouts what is being propounded. As an ancient history student, I know that the Jewish Bible, or Christian Old Testament, narratives are for the most part accurate in their history. It is just the people in the Bible studies courses that do not know the subject matter they are teaching too well.

Yes, some portions of the course taught in “evolution” are just scientific modeling, and that means it does not have to be factual or have any evidence to back it up. It just has to be popularly agreed upon.

The Bible, though, is more than just history and parts of it are verified in at least three major fields of science, one of which is astrophysics, once you learn the terms and what they mean.

Jeff should know that the 1970s provided that to create non-living building blocks of life, as the scientists have all said did not require intelligence (articles on life created in test tube). However, to make it living, yes, as many scientists who try to duplicate the task have not been able to do so for many decades now, as they still work from theories.

Science is good as it can make one know there is God out there. On history, these scientists better stick to trying to prove their beliefs rather than deal in subjects they do not understand and have little knowledge in.

There are people teaching archaeology who say things like the ancestors of the Jews did not have anything to do with the building of pyramids in Egypt (History of Heliopolis). Yet the descendants (nomads from Khebrom, Khannan) of Abram in the 3rd millennium BCE did bring their God to Egypt along with the pyramid symbol originally of that God.

So Jeff Chase is in the same league as many professors who believe in another type of religion that has no intelligent life behind it to try and draw people out learning science and history by calling it all that is not agreed upon as religion. I am aware of Christian Church history as well, and I see that there are a lot of ignorant people out there and that is what the Marxists want in order to achieve their goals.

They claim not to believe in a religion, but when the Marxists know they are wrong they keep going anyway, that is a definition of faith. Marxism did not catch on in America back in the 1870s as a large number of people in the U.S. had just left a system similar to it.

Remember your history because if you don’t know anything about it, your enemies will defeat you.


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