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Mon, April 22

Rants and Raves | November 9, 2018

Mohave County ranked No. 4 in state for economic growth: Doug Angle said didn’t realize Mohave County was so far behind in building permits and is hoping to see continued strong house volumes. A “No” on Proposition 413 and would have brought up our permit numbers and turned his hope into reality.

Ducey, McSally take last shots during the “Victory Tour”: The republican base loved it. Anyone else does not feel included. You are a very exclusive club.

Everything wrong in the US is the fault of the Democrats: I disagree, Sandy. What’s wrong with the US is the ten year old in the White House and the 100 year old from Kentucky leading the senate.

Who are we to trust: When we can see Trump’s tax returns I will consider trusting him.

Everything that’s wrong with America is the Democrats: What a shame there is such hatred in our city that even after a Republican win, Democrats are attacked here. This person is a shining example of what we keep saying Kingman is not about? Or is it? Sad ...

Evolution is not a theory: Thank you Jeff. Although it sometimes seems like we are still in the middle ages, some of us realize we are not.


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