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Sun, May 19

Community View | ‘We the People’ need to take the blame

This is in response to the Community View column published Nov. 7, “Everything Wrong in the U.S. is the Fault of the Democrats.”

The writer places the blame on today’s turmoil on the Democrats, but it is truly on the shoulders of “We the People.” We are the ones electing our representatives in our government and expect them to govern responsibly.

In most elections since Harry Truman, the candidate for the opposing party has won the presidency from the exiting president’s party. Only once since President Eisenhower’s election has the existing party retained the presidency in an election. This occurred when George H. W. Bush was elected following Ronald Reagan’s presidency. Democratic President Johnson was not “elected” to replace Kennedy, but ascended into the presidency due to the death of Kennedy. Also, Republican Ford was not “elected” to succeed Nixon, but attained the presidency upon Nixon’s resignation. All other presidencies have alternated from Democrat to Republican.

Both political parties have had ample of time to govern and make changes the way they see fit. After the elections it seems the country is run on business as usual, but when one party tries to make sweeping changes, like health care for example, the other party claims they can do it better. Well, why didn’t they make it better when they had the chance?

In my opinion, more time should be given to running the country responsibly and more attention paid to the national debt than spending money on a “wall.” Walls have not been that effective in past history as in Berlin and China. We are not the only country in the world that is having immigration problems. It’s a worldwide problem. There are many camps of refugees from Africa and Middle Eastern nations trying to flee violence and poverty in their countries and are not all criminals or terrorists.

There are still millions of undocumented people in the U.S. from many nations. I don’t know what can be done about the approaching caravan from the south, but there might be a refugee camp south of the border for months or years to come. The terrorists that destroyed the twin towers in New York City entered the country legally, so we must remain vigilant.

I’m not far left or extreme right, just somewhere in the middle along with the majority of the people. I have never voted a straight party ticket, but voted for the person I feel most qualified for the job and for the country. I saw a bit online that someone posted, “I have never voted for someone who wasn’t (expletive).”

That makes it easy. You don’t have to read or study the issues, just vote your party no matter what.


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