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Mon, May 20

Kindness is still free

Being kind is still free, and those receiving it are appreciative. (Adobe Images)

Being kind is still free, and those receiving it are appreciative. (Adobe Images)

Holiday time is quickly approaching. For most of us, it is something we look forward to every year.

Spending quality time with family and friends. For some people, this can be a lonely and even devastating season.

Those who truly are alone often feel the sense of being disconnected even more. Thankfully, Kingman has many good and kind people who reach out every season trying to find homes for dogs and cats, and making sure everyone has somewhere to go for a hot meal. We may not have several inches of snow and temperatures in the teens, but it is still important.

Human kindness comes in many forms. Whether it is paying for someone’s cup of coffee or leaving a turkey at the food bank, no grand gesture is required. Kindness is still free, and is so appreciated by those we help.

Try to imagine for a moment that you are all that is left of your family. Perhaps you have lost contact, or they passed away. You have good memories of the family get-togethers, but know they will not be happening anymore. I was blessed with a large and loving family, so this is a bit hard for me to fathom.

Reaching out is not easy for some people. They find it so much easier to look away. Not making eye contact is almost as good as pretending sad things don't exist.

If we do a simple kindness for a stranger, we don't know whether or not we will get a "thank you." I have found that no matter how small a gesture, they DO appreciate it, and not to mention how really good it makes us feel inside. As one person cannot fix all that is wrong in this world, it does not mean you can't make something right in one person’s world. Maybe for just a moment, or even just a day.

I believe there are many good and decent strangers. Sometimes I think people have become so hardened (in their hearts) they do not allow themselves to feel empathy for others. When you close your eyes at night, you should sleep with a clear conscience.

If you have been a real stinker for most of the year, this is the time to redeem yourself. It is never too late to be a better person. Being right is not nearly as important as doing the right thing. Be sure to mend fences with old friends and family, and carry the spirit of the holidays with you throughout the year.

You will be glad you did.


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