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Sun, Oct. 20

Letter | ‘Persuasion, power and fraud’ have gross factual errors

Hollis falsely claims that Democrats violated committee laws regarding the testimony of a woman who claims she was molested by nominee Brett Kavanagh. The woman came forward on her own volition.

Then she repeats the GOP’s eight-year-old false drumbeat against the Affordable Care Act. Facts: ACA has allowed 20 million Americans to get healthcare insurance and eliminated the pre-existing conditions bar to coverage. ACA is more popular than ever, and the Trump/GOP clan has yet to offer an alternative.

Democrats in Congress have not called for repeal of the Second Amendment, just a ruling that is in keeping with the reason it was promulgated, for militia.

She then claims Democrats lack popularity. Democrats just won the House, and we now have a Democratic senator in Arizona. Sixty-eight percent of American women favor Democrats and are pro-choice.

Kimberly Worth wrote in a Letter to the Editor “we now hear” Democrats want to “impeach Kavanaugh” and widen the Russian Probe. She must have heard that in her mind or needs a new hearing aid. Kavanaugh has just been appointed justice. No one, Republican or Democrat, has mentioned impeachment of him.

As to Mueller’s work, some Republicans and most Democrats simply want an orderly conclusion in keeping with our Constitution, without firing him. If Worth would READ instead of hearing, she’d know that Democratic first orders of business are realistic tax reform, realistic immigration laws (we can‘t deport 12 million people), infrastructure repairs, utility modernization, and cyberspace protections.

Mike Lipskin

San Francisco

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