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Rants & Raves | Oct. 7, 2018

Rants & Raves

Rants & Raves

Got something on your mind? Tell us about in 40 words or less. If your rant or rave is about a specific story, please mention the headline.

Letter | A hunt for pure entertainment ‘serves no good purpose:’ Have to agree with the letter writer. Are they going to say they are hunting for food? Takes a real “man’s man” to kill animals for fun. And a newspaper that finds this enjoyable to read! Spare us, please.

Officer convicted of murder in slaying of Laquan McDonald: Chicago officer found guilty? Who would have thought? Hopefully this will carry on to more and more officers who think they are without sin. Time to admit that NOT ALL police are here to “protect and serve” their communities.

Lawyer: Judge erred in Israel judgment: Brnovich needs a look at the constitution. Boycotting is an effective method of free speech. First Amendment. Israel’s current leaders are committing human rights violations in the occupied territories. It’s not anti-Semitism, but respect for humanity, driving the boycotts.

License Plate lights: Wow we sure are diligent about license plate lights. Maybe we should not hire blind police officers. They just use this excuse to “smell weed” and rip your car apart. Aren’t plates reflectorized? Try catching carloads of illegals instead.

Letter | Garcia’s reckless ideas are wrong for Arizona: David Garcia has ever claimed he wants open borders - he simply has better plans for protecting the border with modern technology and sensible solutions that will not bankrupt our state and nation, and will not damage U.S.-Mexican trade.

Key senators undecided as Senate votes on Kavanaugh: Party before Country. Right, Republicans?

Student brings homeless ‘Santa’ into class project, finds him a home: Amazing how we care for the homeless around the holidays yet housands of us have passed Santa year round for the last decade. He was not worthy of help all year but the holidays approach and it all changes.

City adds safety measures to welcome arch: Yet another money pit for taxpayers. The splash pad that broke year one was the first mistake not learned from, now the $100,000 arch that ended up costing $170,000 was built wrong. Time to recall all members of council.

The late hit on judge Kavanaugh: The best thing American voters could do is outlaw the Democrat and Republican parties. The original Founding Fathers were against parties. Too much money and control in D.C.

Column | Hypocracy on both sides: Well, there you have it. Democrats are always godless devils and republicans are all going to heaven no matter what!

Just who is Andy Devine: As a child when Id see Andy Devine on TV I would wish that he was my uncle so that I would see him often! He seemed so nice and funny!

Letter | Garcia’s reckless ideas are wrong for Arizona: Like all good Republicans Borrelli using the Be Afraid, Be Afraid, Be Afraid tactic. Hopefully the home of the brave won’t fall for it. Interesting that Borrelli’s letter blasts Garcia yet never mentions the “accomplishments” of Ducey. Wonder why.

Municipal Court will see security improvements: Need to check out Kingman Justice Court, people go through security then go outside to do whatever and are not checked when they re-enter, basically no security at all.

Bump Stocks: After Vegas shooting public’s outcry was at its loudest and Trump vowed to ban bumpstocks. Since outcry has stopped the NRA and Trump breathed easy. No sensible gun regulation will occur as long as NRA has money and power.

Passenger in rear-end accident files complaint against deputy to MCSO: These kinds of events make a good case for a civilian oversight board. We respect and honor good and ethical officers doing a very difficult job. Civilians and good law enforcement officers deserved to have good officers retained and bad officers discharged.

Letter | Garcia’s reckless ideas are wrong for Arizona: Yes let’s vote Republican so we can continue to scare people, take away social security and sell the state to foreign mining interests!

Letter Praising Gosar: In Meyer’s letter defending Gosar against his siblings urging votes against him she uses “integrity and decency” in association with him. Really? Feb. 10, 2015 he called for our military to kill civilians as young as 10 citing the film “American Sniper.”

Attacking KPA: When someone writes an opinion column for a newspaper, they should expect their opinions to be challenged occasionally. Healthy Democracy. That means Everyone gets to freely express their views. It should also imply not attacking people who have opposing viewpoints.

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