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Sat, Dec. 14

Guest Column | Vote ‘No’ on Prop 413, protect Kingman’s future

Councilman Travis Lingenfelter

Councilman Travis Lingenfelter

Doug Angle and Kingman Residents for Responsible Taxation (aka, RAID 2.0) are spreading toxic misinformation and telling people to vote against Home Rule Option and the City’s 1 percent dedicated funding. In response to their reckless misinformation, the City produced official educational brochures and videos on the dedicated 1 percent funding for citywide pavement preservation and the approved 5-year Community Improvements Plan.

Last week, the City held three public voter education presentations, you can view them on the City’s YouTube page. The City has also, sadly, had to start an official Debunking Rumors page to debunk the toxic fabrications being spread by Angle and RAID 2.0 at

Official CoK brochures can be found at, and official City of Kingman videos are at Please review all of these official City materials. They tell the entire story so you can go to the polls fully informed and well-armed with objective City facts. 

• Angle’s Attacks: Angle’s Oct. 7 letter to the Daily Miner isn’t the first time he has negatively attacked others, including the Kingman and Mohave Manufacturing Association (KAMMA), which collectively employs 2,000-plus people in the Kingman area. Such negative attacks, especially in a small town, are never a good strategy. After the last time Angle publicly attacked in a letter, I publicly challenged him or SOMEONE from RAID 2.0 to a public community debate on citywide pavement preservation and the adopted five-year CIP, and the response was CRICKETS.

• They don’t want to debate the facts in front of citizens because they know they would get clobbered on the objective facts. My debate challenge on the facts still stands. There is real momentum in Kingman, and the Angle and RAID 2.0 cohorts are spreading outright lies about this City to try and remove Kingman’s dedicated 1 percent funding that has been in place for a year and hamstring the City for the foreseeable future with mob-rule, which is chilling when one looks at all of the false information they are spreading.

• Public Process was used: The 1 percent dedicated funding was rapidly ratified in January in full compliance with state law to the satisfaction of Mr. Oramel Skinner, Arizona Attorney General’s Office. The dedicated funding has been collected since November 2017 and has already made improvements in Kingman. The real story is that various TPT-related discussions appeared on City Council agendas 12 times between June 2017 and January 2018. On Jan. 23, a Town Hall was held to receive citizen’s input on the 1 percent dedicated funding. Thirty-one Kingman citizens spoke in strong favor of the community improvements now made possible by the 1 percent dedicated funding. Six spoke against, and Doug Angle was not in attendance.  In fact, he’s never publicly appeared to speak or share his views during a Council meeting. 

• Court Case: From the Angle-RAID 2.0-caused City Debunking Rumors page: “Rumor: The City of Kingman ‘fought’ the initiative process for an upcoming proposition. Fact: The City of Kingman did not begin litigation against the initiative process. In fact, the City said there were enough signatures to move forward with the initiative. Mohave County rejected the signatures that caused their threshold to go below the required number. Due to strict time constraints, the City Attorney’s Office then retained outside counsel to defend the City’s position.” KAMMA challenged the fact that Angle got caught signing his own petition four separate times to get it on the ballot and other procedural irregularities.

• Here are some other important facts regarding the 1 percent dedicated funding for citywide pavement preservation and the adopted 5-year Capital Improvements Plan:

  • On June 6, Resolution No. 1867 was approved that requires a 6 out of 7 supermajority vote to reallocate this dedicated funding:
  • The TPT 20-year historical growth rate with all recessions and booms factored in is 3.54 percent. The TPT 20-year historical growth rate without recessions and booms factored in is 4.25 percent. All of the City of Kingman’s Fiscal Year 2019 budgeting uses a conservative and responsible 2.75 percent growth rate.
  • One hundred percent of 1 percent dedicated funding is re-invested back into Kingman’s local streets and the Community Improvements Plan (CIP) to make Kingman stronger, more livable, and more economically competitive (aka, NEW JOBS). In Kingman, local sales tax is our total local tax burden – unlike Lake Havasu City that pays a local sales tax, a local primary property tax, and a secondary property tax on their sewer system, and unlike Bullhead City that pays a local sales tax and a fire district secondary property tax.
  • According to the most-recent data in the City of Kingman’s possession, 50 percent of Kingman’s local sales tax revenue comes from non-city residents, tourists and travelers.  That means Kingman citizens only pay half of the local total tax burden in Kingman to provide public services that we all use daily. That creates a huge tax savings every single year for Kingman’s residents.  In FY2019, it creates an $8,444,476 tax savings for Kingman’s 29,600 citizens.  That equates to an estimated FY19 local tax savings of $571 for a household of two; an estimated $855 tax savings in FY19 for a household of three; an estimated $1,140 tax savings in FY19 for a household of four; and an estimated $1,425 tax savings in FY19 for a household of five. NO Kingman property tax is required, and let’s keep it that way.

• I dedicated myself to advocating on behalf of my fellow Kingman citizens to demand performance at the Kingman Airport and Industrial Park for a healthier economic future for all.  After five months under City management, we had a Kingman AirFest. That represents what can be achieved when we all work together for the common good.  It hasn’t come without sacrifice and without enduring smears from those like Angle and Cody Swanty, who benefit from the status quo. It’s time to keep Kingman moving forward with pothole-free streets, protecting our groundwater supply through water recharge, protecting excellent public safety services, building beautiful parks and playing fields, and in expanding our up-and-coming city to keep up with employment needs. 

Please VOTE ‘NO’ on PROP 413.

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