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Rants & Raves | Oct. 14, 2018

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Borrelli touts voting record on veterans, water and education: If we keep throwing huge amounts of our tax money at private schools, some of which are nothing more than money grabs by charlatans, we will destroy public education.

Water solutions are available-with bonuses: The politicians haven’t figured out yet how they can profit the most. When they do, you might see the country benefit from water conservation and practical use.

Prop 413: Allowing Kingman citizens to provide input on major city taxing and spending decisions like TPT does not mean everything will be voted down. But the City Council previously voted monies for roads – which were not spent on roads. Vote yes on 413.

A tribute to teachers: Teachers today spend most of their time babysitting your children. Many of you have failed to teach your kids basic manners and courtesy. America reaps what you sow.

Kingman area very difficult to drive: If I were a traffic policeman I would station myself near any stop sign and just ticket people who don’t stop. Don’t waste gas, just sit there and write out 50-60 tickets a day.

Column | What we have in common: “Liberty must be balanced by traditional moral values.” Very hard to secure if the party of moral values does not practice moral values.

J’aime Morgaine: Morgaine is about issues not about R or D. A bonafide fighter with the integrity to get the job done. The Sonny is an initiator but has not been able to finish, no follow through. LD5 has a choice Morgaine!

Limo crash kills 20: How can 20 people die in one vehicle accident? Rent a stretch-limo, I guess. A horrible, unbelievable end to a night of celebration. Some one, or company will be found at fault. Too bad it does nothing for those taken.

Unemployment drops to 3.7 percent: Smoke and mirrors my friends. Nothing is believable out of this president and his fox cronies.

The Lady Miner of Mineral Park: Great Mohave County history article. Thanks Claire for doing the research and keep stories like this coming. Most people new to Kingman have no idea of our rich historical past.

Column | We are all deplorables now: Buchanan, you have been a deplorable your entire draft dodging, privileged life. You are part of the problem.

Lady Miner of Mineral Park: Great story, Please don’t stop with the history lesson. Would like to see the Miner bring back Ol’ Diggins.

Food bank seeks holiday donations: Perhaps if people were encouraged to buy “one for us, and one for the food bank” it would put the idea in place. Let them pick up holiday baskets, until the holiday. Giving them 30 days ahead, makes no sense!

Election ads: Anyone who bases their vote on TV ads is a detriment to the integrity of our voting system. Courts have ruled the ads are considered free speech and can say almost anything.

Attacks on Kavanaugh are tiring: The World IS laughing at us Mr. Pacer, because we refuse to see that Trump and Kavanaugh are cut from the same overzealous cloth!

Community View | Michael Shannon focused on other’s specks instead of his plank: I don’t think it’s gonna happen this side of hell freezing over, but eventually society needs understanding regarding peoples’ inescapable differences. Understanding doesn’t necessarily mean acceptance, but should minimally mean restraint. The biblical Fall Of Man falls unevenly on people.

Havasu police shooting ruled justified: Would be nice if the public had some role in these reviews. Maybe they would conclude that 10 bullets fired into an unarmed man at his home was excessive. But then I’m adverse anyway to cops who break into homes.

Just Who Is Andy Devine? Found pics in family cedar chest of Dad, Andy and other boys in an old probably Model T. Dad’s stories would verify Andy’s mischievousness and he said they raised pigeons together. Ugh! Not sure why.

Six siblings of GOP congressman from Prescott endorse his opponent: When your own family doesn’t like you there’s a problem with you. Yea, one or two of your siblings might not think Gosar is good for us, but six!!! It’s convinced me to vote for David Brill.

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