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Mon, May 20

Beware of the marketing to the vulnerable

I think we can all agree that we have seen quite enough of the candidates running for office. As usual, their use of TV time seems to be used for making the other person look bad.

I used to wonder why they could not just run on the positive things they want to do or have already done. But, alas, the candidate bashing actually works.

I think history has shown people are not as interested in their campaign promises as they are with what their opponent has done wrong. That seems very odd to me.

I think that if I were running for an office, I would likely focus on myself. I would try to "sell myself" as the best person for the job, even though that kind of campaigning doesn't work.

People are funny the way they react to this sort of "advertising."

Moving right along. How about the ads for drugs?

I am pretty sick (no pun intended) of the number of promising new drugs that appear day after day. As usual, these are a lot like the "new and improved" ads for soap! Makes you wonder how really bad the old ones were.

Personally, I feel much safer using medication that has been around for a while. Most of the new and improved drugs are so expensive, most insurances won't pay for them anyway.

If you pay attention, you will often see these same NEW drugs on Google, as class-actions suits are being filed against them.

I still have to wonder if these drugs are so wonderful, why then is there not one real person on the ads? If you have a big screen TV, you already know that not ONE person in the ad is an actual patient. Makes you wonder.

When the ads continue to suck people in, it really looks like we are just gullible. Is that it, or is it that they are going after the most vulnerable? They continue to give hope to those with serious health problems, and it seems to be working.

As in the campaign ads, people trust other people, especially the all mighty drug companies. You know, the ones who said how safe opiates were? I think I know where I was going with this now.

You are your own best advocate when it comes to choices about who you vote for, even if only based on the ads.

At least question the drug ads BEFORE you try and figure out how you can possibly afford to pay for them.


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