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Tue, June 18

Community View | A citizen’s response to Councilmember Travis Lingenfelter

(Photo by Travis Rains/Daily Miner)

(Photo by Travis Rains/Daily Miner)

Councilmember Lingenfelter, you say Doug Angle and Raid 2.0 cohorts don’t want to debate because they would be clobbered, and you challenged Angle or someone from Raid 2.0 to a public community debate, which the response was crickets.

You have been told numerous times that there is no such Raid 2.0 group. Why are you having trouble wrapping your head around this? Is it to be funny or cute? You know there is no such Raid 2.0 group knew there would be no response.

You stated the 1 percent was rapidly ratified in January in full compliance with state law to the satisfaction of O.H. Skinner of the Attorney General’s Office. The ratification was for the posting of agenda item 5.c (which was in violation of the Open Meeting Law A.R.S 38-431). Nothing in the AG’s ruling stated your one-half percent tax increase was ratified. The letter you received from Mr. Skinners Office also stated it does not address any related compliance issues with A.R.S 9-499.15. Re-read the letter, if you are having trouble understanding his letter. I’m sure someone can explain it to you.

You say the City’s rumor page debunked the rumor the City of Kingman fought the initiative process. Well that doesn’t seem to be the case now. You, Councilmember Lingenfelter, along with Vice Mayor Jen Miles and her boyfriend, Tom Carter, John Timko, consultant for Sunbelt Development (a Las Vegas-based investment company) and Bill Lenhart, a partner at Sunbelt Development and a member of KAMMA have initiated an all-out campaign to stop Prop. 413 and deny the citizens the right to vote on TPT issues.

The majority of money ($15,000) to defeat Prop. 413 campaign has come from Sunbelt Development Investment Partners, LLC. Do you see a pattern here?

Lenhart contributed money to the Jen Miles during her Mayor campaign through Timko and Justin Chambers, who brokered the sale of land near the airport industrial park to Sunbelt Development.

In my opinion, if you connect the dots or follow the money, this all starts with a Las Vegas investor, Lenhart, who is trying to influence and get control of city government officials to keep control of City money so the City will build infrastructure and a possible interchange to his property by the airport industrial park, so he can then sell it and make millions. He will be gone, back to Las Vegas with a big wad of money saying, “Thanks, Kingman.”

When you stated KAMMA challenged procedural irregularities (signatures) to disqualify signatures, including elderly and disabled, you failed to mention that you personally, along with KAMMA, sued to get names removed in hopes the initiative would fail and not get on the ballot for voters to decide.

Has it slipped your mind that while signatures were being collected for the initiative, Angle offered to negotiate with the City on the increase in sales tax, but former City Manager Jim Bacon said the Council did not have the votes to comply with the requirements? After initiative sponsors won their court case, you, Councilmember Lingenfelter, then requested to negotiate a settlement.

Councilmember Lingenfelter, you continue to disrespect and malign Angle and Cody Swanty. You should know that this is unacceptable behavior coming from a member of City Council.

Councilmember Lingenfelter, it’s time to pull your big boy pants up and acknowledge the fact that if you hadn’t introduced the one-half-percent TPT tax at the last minute, in violation of A.R.S 9-499.15, there wouldn’t have been an initiative and Prop. 413 would not be on the ballot. All this turmoil is of your own doing.

Vote “yes” on Prop. 413 and protect your right to vote.


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