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Tue, June 18

The historical mining town of Chloride full of ghostly encounters

Tim Gardner and Daena Smoller outside of the old jail in Chloride that has two cells with two areas for a toilet and the sheriff’s quarters. (Photo by Vanessa Espinoza/Daily Miner)

Tim Gardner and Daena Smoller outside of the old jail in Chloride that has two cells with two areas for a toilet and the sheriff’s quarters. (Photo by Vanessa Espinoza/Daily Miner)

Driving into Chloride seems like driving an endless path to nowhere. After a mile or so of road, your eyes lay upon the tiny town of Chloride.

The community is filled with historical buildings. Some are occupied by humans. Others are home to supernatural entities.

The streets are dark and barely lit enough to see what’s in front of you. The stars shine bright above.

Arriving at the Chloride Tour Company a blue haunted building on 4951 Pay Roll Ave., to start on a supernatural exploration, Larry Montz, parapsychologist, and Daena Smoller, psychic medium, are there to greet you. Together, they are Ghost Expeditions.

For about three hours per night people have the opportunity to go through seven haunted, old locations in Chloride: the jail, a former gas station and mechanic shop, two former residential houses, a gift shop and the White House, which exhibits Montz’s photos of different haunted places in the world.


During the expedition people will see what once was the Union 76 Gas Station, Buck’s Garage, Hom Gong’s Chinese Restaurant in Chloride in 1945. (Photo courtesy of Mohave Museum of History and Arts)

Before starting the adventure, Smoller and Montz gave a quick overview of the different places and the equipment. Attendees have the option of picking up a magnetometer and dowsing rods.

One of the youngest entities Smoller and Montz have encountered in Chloride was a little boy named Kevin.

“The little boy is more interactive with women than men,” Smoller said.

While holding the dowsing rods as straight as possible, Kevin would move them to answer questions or just engage in conversation. Questions included if he was in the room, had brothers of sisters, and if he liked the people that was around him.

“Kevin, you have a nice name,” I said.

The left rod moved to the right.

“Kevin, do you like us being here? Move the right rod,” Smoller asked

The right rod moved to the left.

Another experience with the rods was in a house where a man died of a heart attack. Smoller said the man doesn’t like it when she’s there.

While holding the rods, the man was asked to move the rods to different questions that included if he liked having visitors in his home, if he died of a heart attack and if he didn’t like Smoller.

“Did you die of a heart attack? Move the left rod to answer yes,” Smoller said.

The left rod moved.

“Do you like us being in your home? Move the right rod for no,” I asked.

The right rod moved.

After a few questions, the expedition was moved to the next location.

The other buildings had supernatural stories, but we didn’t encounter much. The magnetometer did show activity throughout the night going on and off during different stops around town.

Ghost Expeditions is celebrating its upcoming 25th anniversary. The ghost expedition is 3 to 3 ½ hours long, conducted nightly with limited sized groups. Reservations are required at a cost of $119 per person. Locals, seniors, college students, active military, veterans or groups of 10 or more are available for a discount.

If interested in the ghostly adventure, call 928-255-5589 or email


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