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Rants & Raves | Oct. 28, 2018

Got something on your mind? Tell us about in 40 words or less. If your rant or rave is about a specific story, please mention the headline.

How Democrats learned to stop worrying and learn to love federalism: How conservatives learned to stop caring and learned to genuflect in front of Trump.

Kingman Photo | Emily Brown, Ph.D.: Congratulations Emily!

Voting for Ducey means more growth: I will vote for Ducey when he decides to quit kissing the hem of Trump’s garment!

Science says: sex and gender aren’t the same: The Trump administration acts like it is God. What would Jesus do?

Migrants pause to honor dead man, rest, still far from U.S.: No need to rest any feet. They are traveling by truck, bus, and any other means available. Not walking except for photo op.

Stella Baxter Obituary: RIP Mrs. Baxter. You were a beautiful and classy woman and I enjoyed my ballet classes back in the days. May you be dancing in heaven.

Doug Angle, community view Oct. 23: Mr. Angle and your 20 other business owners that are supporting proposition 413, please explain the economic facts how this will not harm the city of Kingman? While we are on the subject please give the citizens a debate.

Lingenfelter misrepresented opinions and actions: Vote NO on 413. Stop the insiders and detractors from slowing and controlling our city! KAA controlled growth for decades. Initiative pushers are the same people, and caring citizens know this. Keep Kingman moving forward Vote NO on 413.

Mexican Wall: Geez Larry, isn’t giving up his wonderful life and throwing everything he has into all that he has accomplished for us in two years (more than all other president’s accomplishments combined) enough for you? And he doesn’t take his salary.

Cobb promises same energy, enthusiasm etc: Enthusiasm for who? Big business? Or for policies that don’t represent the needs of LD5? How many Town Halls before election season? How many working class people in the county can actually name something she accomplished for their families?

Evolution becomes public school standard: Religious instruction should be left to parents and family unless a child is enrolled in a religious school. Academic studies, including Science, is what public schools should be teaching. Public schools are public – for everyone, and should remain secular.

Trump “not satisfied” with explanations of Khashoggi death: Why are we selling weapons and arms to anyone in the Middle East? I thought we were a peaceful, Christian nation!

Mexican Wall: President Trump. You could build this wall with your personal billions and not pay the contractors you would hire. The only people who lose are the contractors. It’s happened before, right?

Mexican Wall: With 652 miles already built, if Congress doesn’t come through, Trump will use military resources and the Army Corps of Engineers. Our giving includes on 94 percent of the earth, hundreds of millions to Central America. But we can’t fund this?

Finances of this city: One would think more customers the rate could decrease with volume. City of Kingman is always looking for ways to increase their revenues. I would love to see a profit and loss document on the finances of this city.

State jobless rate edges up, Mohave County at 5.8 percent:

Why is it when the Republicans are in office spending skyrockets? When the Democrats are in office they have to try to clean up the mess?


Yes indeed, something needs to be done in the Birdland area. What a sad day for those few who take pride in their neighborhood, and their homes. An eyesore to the community of Kingman, and no way out!

Universal voucher program initiative of Gov. Ducey:

Just watch where the money goes. Make sure the monies go to kids with disabilities rather than the rich who want to use government money for private schools.

Bravo to the KDM for positive Trump columns:

Now if we could just get Trump to drain the swamp of clowns he has created!

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