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Thu, July 18

Letter | Free range cattle interfere with my right to drive

Please help me/us to understand your cattle situation. Can you not afford to feed your cattle? Is that why you let them roam on this very populated open range valley? You should not have animals of any kind if you can’t afford to feed and care for them. Do you not care about your cattle being killed almost every week by automobiles and idiots with guns much less the people injured in the accidents? Do you not make money off the sale of your cattle when you finally round them up and sell them, if in fact that is what you do? If so, does not the loss of so many cattle cut into your profits?

I am going to assume that you know there is a public highway and many public paved side roads in our wonderful town of Golden Valley. So why is it that when we are traveling down a “public road or highway” that my tax dollars help pay for and where I have a legal right to drive my vehicle going from point A to point B and one of your many bovine step out onto that public road in front of my vehicle traveling at the posted speed limit, and it hits my vehicle, that I am responsible for paying for your cow? Why are you not paying for the repairs to my vehicle that was legally positioned where I am allowed to drive? I can make sure my vehicle does not travel on the raw land where there are no roads where your cattle are legally supposed to be grazing, but can you make sure that your cattle will stay off the ‘public roads’ where I/we are legally allowed to drive?

Times change, and the laws need to catch up with the changing times. I don’t think you really care about your cattle, Sir, or you would fence them in and protect them.

You have probably saved enough money in not having to feed them due to letting them free range and eat all the shrubs and people’s flowers, people’s gardens and people’s hay that was purchased with their hard earned money, that you could afford to purchase 100 or 200 acres and fence your cattle to keep them safe don’t you think?

Sincerely, an animal lover, protect my rights advocate, and animal abuser hater.

Connie Allen

Golden Valley


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