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Rants & Raves | September 2, 2018

Rants & Raves

Rants & Raves

Got something on your mind? Tell us about in 40 words or less. If your rant or rave is about a specific story, please mention the headline.

County roads: Are the county road people waiting until after the election to repair the roadsides that were badly eroded by the monsoon storms or just waiting until the rainy season is over? And then maybe?

McCain remembered: Our Star Spangled week of remembering what patriotism really is, thanks to our John McCain memorials, has succeeded in blanching out some of the racism, bigotry, and self-servingness that has been dividing America. May it last ... and last ... and last.

Miles wins: Now that the city has elected a progressive mayor, the next step is council appointing a progressive vice mayor (Lingenfelter), along with at least three progressive council members. The voting block is still in control. Good luck, Kingman.

Purging the church’s predatory priests by Michael Reagan: The Catholic Church is the biggest heresy of all time, since its beginning, when it supplanted true Christianity. It should be totally abolished. It’s not Christ’s congregation and never has been.

World War II tower: So, we have crumbling city streets, poor infrastructure, traffic congestion with dangerous drivers cutting in and out of traffic with no supervision anywhere, but we may end up with a nice, renovated World War II tower that no one will see.

Letter – No fueling the hate: By ignoring hate and racism, we fuel it. Mayor Gates did nothing to fuel hate here nor did Sacha Baron Cohen. By accepting that “racism is always going to be a part of the community,” you validate it.

City’s rumor site: Once again the City wants no input from the citizens. They’re only allowing their vision of the truth with no rebuttal. This City and Council have proven time and time again they don’t need citizens input, they listen but don’t hear.

Downwinders: Good for you, Eddie. A few years back, I wrote every politician we had, state and federal, and Jon Kyle was the only one that responded. Paul Gosar has been promising this for years.

Pot industry wants to see ‘stoner’ stereotype go up in smoke: Yes indeed, it is time to get over marijuana stereo typing. Legalize it already for those over 18, and get in on all that money the other states are making. Just worry about opiates. Isn’t that enough?

What nonreligious people get wrong about religious people: Sorry to tell you but God is not a hairy old white man that lives in the sky. God is simply what we experience on Earth of the hidden forces that power our universe.

Russia investigation: Manafort promoted the idea of having Pence as the VP. Trump didn’t know him. Why this guy since Manafort is not a “godly” person? Can you say Russia?

Climate change: Science is based on evidence and not on opinion. But here in the U.S we have to take good care of big business over the needs of humanity.

What nonreligious people get wrong about religious people: If you’re a Christian, act like one. Read your Bible. Quit putting up with this guy in the White House.

A proposal for president Trump: Sorry, these are totally foreign concepts to Trump.

Letter – Where’s their party affiliation? Republicans are embarrassed and Democrats are afraid. Makes it difficult for voters to choose. The vast majority of candidates say what they think will get them the votes. If there was greater emphasis on party platforms, we’d know their positions.

Trump accuses Google of biased searches, warns ‘be careful’: Trump is dangerous. He must stop diminishing the Fourth Estate. The media’s job is to keep our representatives honest. Of course, honesty is not one of Trump’s strong points.

Republicans resist plan to rename Senate building for McCain: Sad. Today’s Republicans can’t even be civil to their own.

McCain’s replacement pick by Koch brothers? The Koch Brothers and the Republican Party? No love lost between these two lately.

Trump mistreats McCain: Thank you Don Ogle. Donald Trump, Bill Clinton and Dick Cheney all received multiple deferments to keep them out of Vietnam.

Voter registration shows some party switching: For the Republican Party to survive, Trump had better get more inclusive.

Passing of David Cunningham: Rest in peace, teacher. One very nice man. Always kind, smiling, helpful.

Minister from sister church in Tanzania visits: Cool story. The 20th century collapse of the European empires is still very much playing itself out on the African continent. The Chinese are not the most polite fellows and are taking advantage of this in much of Africa.

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