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Tue, July 23

Letter | It’s tragic we’re not united

On that horrific day Sept. 11, 2001, the world watched in horror as the two World Trade Center towers crumbled to the ground.

Almost 3,000 people lost their lives that day at the hands of 19 terrorists who flew commercial airplanes into those buildings. As horrendous as that day was, something good did come out of that tragedy. America was united.

There were no differences between us that day. Not one race, not one religion, not one color was spared from that devastating attack. Strangers helped strangers. Anyone who needed help received it, regardless of what religion they were, what nationality they were, or what color their skin was.

American flags flew everywhere. They hung from homes, buildings, and cars. This was a show of strength, resiliance, determination and of unity to all those who wished to do our country harm. We were one nation, united.

But why does it take a tragedy to unite us? We all live in one of the greatest countries in the world.

It should not matter to any one of us that there are differences between us because the thread that binds us all is the same – we’re all human beings. We are all Americans.

Yes, we all have different beliefs, we may look different from each other, and we might live our lives differently than others. But if you see someone who is hurt, do you ask them what race or religion they are before helping them? Do you base what color their skin is as to whether or not to help them? I should hope not.

So why is our nation now so divided? So predjudiced? So against one another? Why can’t we appreciate the gift of life that unites us all?

We all have a right to live free. That is the beauty of our country. Do we have to wait for another national tragedy to unite us once again?

I should hope not.

Lori Gabriel-Dane

Kingman resident


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