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Fri, April 26

'We all have our jobs to do'

When Sister gets to cooking, there's no telling what the kitchen is going to look like when she's done. (Adobe Images)

When Sister gets to cooking, there's no telling what the kitchen is going to look like when she's done. (Adobe Images)

It was just another Saturday morning in the kitchen with Sister.

Now I know that most of you probably remember watching Lucy Ricardo (I Love Lucy) trying to put a meal together. My sister was never like that. She always kept some order and seldom screwed anything up.

Well, over the years all that cooking must have taken a toll on her. She had planned to make a chocolate/mayonnaise cake for this weekend, along with some homemade chili. She had me pick up all the ingredients at Walmart, and the cake had about 10 things on the recipe. To me, it seemed much simpler to buy a cake from the store bakery, but alas, when Sister gets an idea in her head, there is NO turning back.

She decided the cake should be done first thing in the morning. She did not want the oven to be on once it started getting hot in the apartment. So, here we went at 6:40 a.m.

I was already awake and having my first cup of coffee. Sister, on the other hand, just dove right in before her coffee, medications or even making sure she could balance herself. I was horrified at the mess she was making in the kitchen. Obviously, she did not put things back in the cupboard after adding them to the mix. The counter was pretty much a disaster area.

If that was not enough, she had managed to spill a fair amount of sugar on the floor.

"Must have been a hole in the bag," she said.

Possibly. But that didn’t explain the flour and other interesting things now on the floor. Since Sister does not often wear her glasses, and I am blind as a bat, it was quite a challenge cleaning up the floor before the dogs got a sniff and starting licking things up.

I have noticed over the past few years that Sister always starts out with a plan. In her head, she probably sees everything coming together nicely. However, in reality, she is not always able to make it happen because we often forget what we are doing, and that includes myself, so cooking can sometimes be a challenge.

When the cake is done, she will move right on to the chili. She doesn't want any, mind you, but will surely find someone to eat it. When a family get together is planned, Sister likes to cook enough for a small army. She wants to be always certain, "There will be enough food."

So much so, that once we were invited to someone's house for a barbecue, and they purposely did NOT tell her food was being served. It was just a visit, and NOT a barbecue. They had no room to keep all the extra food she would undoubtedly make.

So what causes this obsession with large amounts of food? I have to admit, as children there were often times when we did not have enough food and sometimes went hungry. Perhaps this is where it comes from.

Not only does Sister cook too much, but she tells other people WHAT they should cook, as well. If we are invited to a family potluck, she not only wants to know what everyone is bringing, but she wants to TELL them what they should bring.

It appears Sister may enjoy food just a bit too much sometimes. However, it does give her a reason to think and plan. These are things she can sometimes obsess over.

I will continue to make many trips to Walmart to buy what she needs for her cooking, even though she often complains about how tired she is from standing so long in front of the stove. I know it brings her much joy, and she does make good stuff. Lucy (Sister) will continue to rule the kitchen, and I will continue to clean up the mess.

We all have our jobs to do.


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