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Wed, July 17

Letter | Re: Phil Kerpen

Phil Kerpen wrote misleading fake news in his Sept. 2 column about Trump ending the Obama era fuel economy legislation.

Going back to gas guzzling is bad for America. If nothing else, mandatory fuel economy rules make it more economical for workers to commute or run their small businesses at a time when other costs are rising.

This money saved can further stimulate our economy.

And Kerpen lies when he asserts that Obama “took over” the auto industry. Under Obama, General Motors was saved from liquidation through bankruptcy, and Chrysler remained alive by merger with Fiat.

If Obama had not accomplished this, hundreds of thousands of American jobs would have been lost both at auto companies, and in the many support industries: parts, paints, tires, and dealerships.

Another silly Kerpen assertion, that Obama limited Americans’ choice of motor vehicles. Americans decide what vehicles are made by sales figures – consumer choice controls, and always has.

Recently, Donald Trump’s misstatements or lies were computer totaled at over 4,000 since his presidential career began. Kerpen is trying to keep up with him.


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