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Rants & Raves | Sept. 16

Rants & Raves

Rants & Raves

Got something on your mind? Tell us about in 40 words or less. If your rant or rave is about a specific story, please mention the headline.

Letter | Sad day at the fair: Just another example of keeping churches out of public events.

Rep. Mosley: Like everything else Mosely will say it wasn’t his fault and blame the Post Office. He will claim he never received the notice. So glad this man no longer has any say in our government.

Johnston new airport manager: Welcome to our community! Looking forward in having you be the manager of the airport. The city has made a wonderful choice yet I feel you are worth more than $84,000.

Rep. Mosley: State Representatives are above the law? What kind of moron drives at that speed, no matter how empty the road may look? Immunity? I thought “diplomatic immunity” was only for visiting statesmen. Usually those from other countries. This is outrageous!

Rep. Mosley: Clearly, State Rep. Mosley is an abject arrogant fool, utterly devoid of common sense let alone any iota of personal integrity. He has no place now or ever in a position of public trust.

Letter | Sad day at the fair: No talent in Kingman? The letter writer got no answers as to why it was canceled. Perhaps it is those with NO talent at business or bringing the community together that are at fault. The powers at be, just make dumb decisions.

Letter | Russia in the U.S.: Thank you Ralph. Tell it like it is brother! Too many people in our Country do not care or refuse to see what is going on!

Rep. Mosley: Broke law speeding. Issued warrant. Told about warrant. Ignored warrant. Arrest him and hope to never hear his name again.

Guest Column | Progress isn’t a dirty word: Who predicted Medicaid would be the “end of democracy”? At sixty-six percent of the federal budget, it and Social Security has pretty much ended any rational conversation about government spending and initiated an era where votes will only follow entitlements.

Letter | One Community: Ah yes, the growth panacea. Scottsdale in the 1950s had wonderful amenities! Now they, and St. George, are characterized by urban sprawl and having NO surplus potable water. Their vision should not have been so short-sighted, and neither should ours.

KUSD takes first step to open Palo Christi again: Again we are looking to an outside contractor to take care of OUR construction needs? Look at Kingman contractors FIRST!

Deviating from McCain, Sen. Graham goes all in on Team Trump: Sad. Lyndsey’s up for reelection so he’ll sell out his soul for votes. No American respects such a representative.

Rep. Mosley: When are area voters going to wake up to the fact Republican representatives feel they are special. That laws don’t apply to them. That they don’t have to do what the rest of us have to. Vote anything but Republican.

Bella’s Place: God bless them. Will never forget this little lady and the horrors perpetrated on her. She is living with God now but so missed by so many.

Cargo container regulations remain unchanged: Bunch’a dinosaurs. Have they looked at Kingman’s appearance? Obviously, one man’s trash is another’s treasure. I’d rather look at the consistency of painted metal boxes. A good way to plan a city is to look at the successes of others.

Active shooter study: Semi-automatic rifles more deadly: Are we really going to revisit this tired argument, here? Of course they are, but so are military guns, and thus the major point of the Second Amendment – The opportunity to protect ourselves from tyranny, both foreign and domestic.

Leave Senator McCain alone: Thank you Anthony. Rather than worshipping at the feet of “Draft Dodgers” who currently run our Country, I honor McCain who sacrifice for his Country.

Letter | The Hero?: I feel so sorry for your take on John McCain. Perhaps he should have gotten five draft deferments like Donald Trump to avoid serving his country.

Lawyer enters plea for man who sold bullets to Vegas shooter: Haig should be charged with conspiracy to commit murder.

Head of local Border Patrol begs citizens ‘do not vote for lawlessness’: The party of fear and hate is cranking up the rhetoric just in time to sway the little o’ ladies clutching their shawls.

Guest Column | KAMMA wants Kingman to prosper: Kudos to Judge Jantzen for allowing the citizens of Kingman to vote in November on the TPT issue, even though KAMMA and council member(s) fought against allowing the TPT issue on the ballot.

Power to the people!

Grape stomp: If only participants would not drive 80 mph down the dirt road to get there.

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