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Rants & Raves | Sept. 23, 2018

Rants & Raves

Rants & Raves

Got something on your mind? Tell us about in 40 words or less. If your rant or rave is about a specific story, please mention the headline.

17 dogs removed from home: Just want to thank Animal Control & Mohave County Sheriff’s Office for responding & removing these animals, before someone got hurt.Some of those dogs looked like they weighed at least 80 lbs, and they roamed the neighborhood in packs.

Column | America has always been great: The author should also be angry watching Trump rallies seeing the similarity of follow-our-leader-regardless crowds of Nazi Germany. Trump brags about forcible sexual grabbing, calls candidates and world leaders disparaging names, holds closed door sessions with Russians and Republicans still embrace him.

Column | Transgender recruiting plans include your kids: Shannon bases everything in his column on third party information. Everything is Ryan T. Anderson said this and Ryan T. Anderson said that. Setting aside the subject of the column print an article based on hearsay?

Kelli Ward’s next act? ‘Mamma Mia!’: Please stay singing and dancing as a couple instead of running and loosing.

Top 4 write-in candidates advance to November’s ballot: Three names I won’t be writing. They knew the rules before the primary and chose not to follow them. Until they didn’t receive the number needed to win. Like Yocum they could have dropped out allowing them to qualify in November.

Column | America has always been great: Since when does being a progressive or liberal mean one doesn’t love America? We’re not saying America isn’t great, but there is definitely room for improvement.

Kelli Ward’s next act? ‘Mamma Mia!’: Nice that she “always loved theater.” At least she won’t be able to do that in a government role.

Border wall: One in five American children do not have enough food to eat; 22 veterans commit suicide each day. But hey let’s focus on a wall that no one wants and will manage to help kill endangered species!

City loses in court again: Carl Cooper needs to go. His discussions are made with the understanding that if he upsets certain council members his job is at risk. The City needs to enact a code that would allow a City Attorney to be elected.

Second time in two months city loses in court: Mr. Cooper stated the City Clerk interpreted the Statutes according to the League of City’s, title 16 needed to be considered City Clerk. Mr, Cooper seems to have left his name out of the processes. He needs to go.

Column | Transgender recruiting plans include your kids: This article is very one sided as is Ryan Anderson’s book. His book is not science based and didn’t interview transgender people or medical professionals who treat transgender people. This article and Anderson’s book should have been more balanced.

The City of Kingman: And the failure of our local government continues. Kingman Crossing? I’m sure the discussion will continue for 15 more years. What an embarrassment to our community.

Letter | Attacks on Kavanaugh are tiring: “Unsubstantiated accusations.” How do we know? The committee controlled and dominated by Republican men won’t allow a full inquiry. Answer this - Why would a smart professional woman put herself in harm’s way if what she said happened didn’t?

Letter | Attacks on Kavanaugh are tiring: Right off Fox Fake News.

Column | Transgender recruiting plans include your kids: This person has NO idea what he is talking about. No one “recruits” transgender kids. All they do is allow them to figure it out, if they are questioning. This isn’t based on science, this is religion and fake science.

Senators Grapple With Kavanaugh Accusation: Anita Hill’s treatment? Try Clarence Thomas’s treatment. Hill has been made a heroine, had movies done about her, is still worshipped by the left. This one is easy. It’s a left wing set up. Have the vote now!

Letter | Attacks on Kavanaugh are tiring: Why don’t Kavanaugh AND Trump release to all their hidden documents and taxes and submit to lie detector tests, then we will find out if they are really telling the truth.

Library Book Sale: You are so appreciated Kingman Public Library. And Grandkids that read love these sales. There is nothing like the feel of a good book in your hand.

Letter | Attacks on Kavanaugh are tiring: Any proof Soros paid for anything? If Kavanaugh is innocent of her allegations, he would welcome an investigation. What is the rush Republicans?

Council approves design-bid-build for Rattlesnake Wash: Background data on Sam Elters: He ran the ADOT office in Kingman (2005), before his Phoenix promotion in charge of ADOT for the entire State! Now, he’s a consultant in a private firm, advising our City Council on Interchange projects.

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