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Thu, Dec. 12

Letter | Response to Sharon Weber’s Community View dated 9-12

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Marvin Robertson made some claims and accusations in another local publication that are unfounded. The Kingman Progressive Alliance (KPA) is accused of being a “Socialist” organization, which is absolutely untrue.

The KPA is open to all: Democrats, Republicans, Greens and Independents, even socialists may attend, but was founded to address the growing needs of a growing community. They are a public forum that stands for positive growth and bringing better education and jobs, and a better quality of life to the residents of the city.

Sharon Weber stated Sept. 12 under Community View that Marvin Robertson made some claims and accusations that are unfounded, and the Kingman Progressive Alliance is accused of being a Socialist organization.

If you read Marvin’s article in another local paper, he states his opinion and recommending that before casting a vote each citizen should review the influence of and stated mission of the Kingman Progressive Alliance. Nowhere did Mr. Robertson call Kingman Progressive Alliance a Socialist organization. He stated at the end of article:

“Take time to check it out yourselves. This columnist researched this article in unbelief.”

Marvin Robertson has published an opinion article under Marvin’s Window in one of our local newspapers for many years, also Marvin was a reporter for KDM in the ‘90s. Many of us enjoy his opinion column, some times political and at times just a view out of his window on how he sees our city and the world.

Marvin is a very smart and intelligent person and I have enjoyed his column over the years as have many others, not always agreeing with him all the time, but that’s what local opinion media is all about: the exchange of thoughts and opinions.

The country was formed knowing the importance of a free press.

On August 13, 2018 Marvin published a column entitled: Lingenfelter, City Council and Progressive Alliance, a few days following his article he got an email from the paper stating his services were no longer needed.

Just so you know Marvin has never been paid for his columns. Were his services no longer need because of the content of the article? I hope not. To censor opinion or political views you no longer have a free press.

Marvin is loved and respected in this community so if you would like to continue to read his opinions or just his unique view of our town and the world, contact the editor or publisher of that publication. We need a diversified press.

Doug Dickmeyer

Kingman resident

Editor's note: The Marvin Robertson column referenced in both this letter and Sharon Weber's column was not published with the Kingman Daily Miner.

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