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Rants and Raves | Sept. 30, 2018

Rants & Raves

Rants & Raves

Got something on your mind? Tell us about in 40 words or less. If your rant or rave is about a specific story, please mention the headline.

Boy Being Mauled: Was nyone looking after the 9-year-old who was being mauled by dogs in his own yard? Very sad for the child and the dogs as well.

Money in the Suitcase: The money in the suitcase story still boggles the mind. To me, people who don’t deposit that kind of money into a bank, have a reason for not doing so. Hope the IRS is looking at this one.

Community View | Panhandlers are making shopping dangerous: Marijuana has nothing to do with opioids. The gentleman in question appears to be abusing his medical marijuana card, but he is not sharing opioids from the dispensary. I agree panhandlers make me feel unsafe when they approach me.

Letter | Working Together: Thanks for a well-written letter. I will be voting to keep the TPT in place. I am upset with Angle Homes, the Harley Davidson dealership, and Marty Swanty dealership in there opposition. Selfish.

Basic Tenets of Catholism: There’s plenty of “Independent Catholic” churches that still hold the basic tenets of Catholism. I attend mass at Divine Savior which is held Saturdays at Trinity Church downtown.

Sen. Flake will vote to confirm Kavanaugh: If ever there was a situation where the FBI should investigate, this is it. FBI needs to authenticate his diary. See where he broke the drinking age law in Maryland when he was in high school. Can’t believe this guy.

Brill to be in Kingman: Looking forward hearing from candidate Brill. It’s time for Gosar to hang up his hat.

Media ignores Trump’s economy: I am NOT a democrat, but every time a republican is elected president the republicans blow up the budget with crazy spending and then a democrat is left to clean up the mess. Trickle down does not work!

The politicization of the Kavanaugh sex allegation: Just the mere taking of a polygraph test by Kavanaugh would have helped clear or not clear him. Why are right wing people so scared of a lie detector test?

Letter | What about the decent Americans?: How sad. The letter writing wants to blame illegals for area crime. She might review this paper’s 911 and crime stories. It would appear to me the majority of crime is committed by Caucasian area residents.

Ducey went defensive about the economy in debates: I’m not voting for Ducey. He has done nothing to help this area of the state. Soon after coming into office he maneuvered to fund education “without raising taxes.” It was obvious he’s using us for higher office.

Gosar blames Obama for siblings’ attack ads: Time to send this man packing. Our representatives have continued to make this area a laughingstock. We must vote for those which will not blame others for mistakes, disparage others, make statements which are without merit.

Paul Gosar: His beliefs are extreme, and not with mainstream American values. I applaud the siblings for trying to bring a sense of normalcy back to this country. Republicans are out to destroy America, they must be stopped!

He Does Not Belong: That old devil Obama! Gosar is not capable of self-control or introspection. He does not belong in government.

Letter | What about the decent Americans?: Butler and Birdland areas need cleaned up. Decay, unsafe, unsanitary conditions, unlivable dwellings and sanctuary for undesirables. Might start with free trash pickup day, like Kingman. County needs to get involved, enforce codes. Lets improve our neighborhoods. Peter B.

They are More Interested In Friends: The fair board is fair to who they like and have zero care for our community. They are more interested in friends running businesses at the grounds for 1/8 th the cost of all other renters.

Reason Why Marvin’s Window Is No More: ”The country was formed knowing the importance of a free press.” Yes, Dick. However free press is responsible to publish truth. The column on KPA was poorly researched and lacked facts. Maybe that’s why his column no longer exists.

Attacking KPA: Sad when loyalty to a friend supersedes loyalty to truth. Contrary to Dickmeyer’s assertion that Marvin Robertson did not label Kingman Progressive Alliance a socialist organization tied to national socialist, he indeed did so.

Letter | Paul Gosar’s siblings have gone down a dark road: Well, when 2/3 of your siblings don’t support your candidacy, why should we? Dec. 10, 2014 he said tribes were “wards of the Federal Government.” Feb. 2013 voted against Violence Against Women Act. June 14, 2013 he voted against woman soldiers victimized by sexual assault.

Linda Powskey: Linda ... you were so loved by all of your friends here in Kingman ... I’m sure you are up there telling your little jokes and making everyone laugh..Love you, Mike and Lorri ... see ya at the hunter’s haven in Heaven!

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