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Rants and Raves | April 10, 2019

Got something on your mind? Tell us about it in 40 words or less. If your rant or rave is about a specific story, please mention the headline.

Coyote killing contests: Yes! It is time to outlaw “killing contests.” No matter what you are hunting, it is wrong in itself. How can it be OK to teach your children that killing any animal is fun, and you can win prizes? Disgusting!

Make up of City Council: Retired business people would make great contributions as City Council members. They would have little to gain or lose in contracts let or regulations made. They could be exclusively interested in what is best for the citizens of Kingman.

A matrix for City Council: Many boards have a matrix to fill for their membership. Let’s do it for City Council, a retired business person, a business manager or owner, a property owner and a parent of young children?

Trump threatens to close border: Lived in El Paso 35 years, family still there. Poor lady; her Juarez family illegally attending UTEP would be disrupted while U.S. citizens often have to send their own children elsewhere? It’s simple, close border or lose our country.

Substation not needed: Spend spend spend. Shop locally? Keep piling on taxes and see what happens.

Motorcycles pulled over: Profiling at its worst! Pull over a bunch of overloaded SUVs with possible illegals and all the traitors come to their rescue. Find drugs? No. Just harassment of American rights.

Nesting Lake Pleasant eagle destroys own egg: Bizarre! Basically, she aborted the egg. I thought humans were the only ones to destroy their own offspring, besides guppies that is. I must conclude, we humans are starting to resemble animals.

Six bridges in Mohave County found deficient: I guess infrastructure has to wait while money gets thrown to tax breaks for the wealthy and false national emergencies. When a bridge collapses, the Legislature will blame those who were calling for jobs creating investment in infrastructure for years.


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