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Sat, Aug. 24

Community View | ‘They’ just want more of taxpayers’ money

Watching our government in action and presidential candidates beginning their running slogans, I saw something missing in every one of their so called agendas. No solutions.

For two years "they,” and I say “they” because you know who "they" are, wasted time and taxpayer’s money, and took us on a merry go round of smoke and mirrors and ultimately coming up empty handed.

What is their solution? Still trying to impeach the president, bringing in the green deal to solve global warming? Now they want to pay restitution to those who were brought here as slaves. Really?

What about the Holocaust victims and their families? What about the Indians and their descendants? What about the people who came here as immigrants who feel we owe them their right to come here and forget about the paperwork? Just give it to them. Don't we owe them restitution after all they suffered, or are they different?

Not one of these so-called candidates have offered solutions. In fact, they don't mention fixing our broken immigration system, strengthening our military, or helping the citizens of the United States. More taxes, more taxes, and more taxes so "they" can pay for their agendas and impeach, impeach, impeach.

Once again, I think these candidates want to take us back to kicking the can down the road and hiding their heads in the sand. They want to once again pretend these issues don't exist and take out our president because they hate him.

I saw an interview with a certain candidate who showed such disdain for our president and showed no respect for the office. Now, she wants to be president. Makes me wonder what kind of mess she'll get us into.

Obviously, she'll say and do anything to get elected, as it is with each and every candidate. Repeat, repeat, repeat. Now, even the mainstream media has forgotten all about the plight of the illegals at our border.

Now, nobody cares except our president, and even he has his hands tied because of these politicians. Looks like we’re going down the same old road, same old song and dance. Let's unravel all this president has done.

Let's bully the American people and give them everything they want or hold them hostage to welfare. Don't let them go for the "American Dream,” get an education, or improve our healthcare system.

There is a saying, charity begins at home. Have you seen that here? I grant people try here, but we send more charity overseas than here at home, and I don't mean just money. "They" don’t want any of the things that true Americans want, not even mentioned and if "they" do, its vague and unrealistic and will cost us more in the long run. Not just in money but in our resources. Maybe "they" would prefer we be like a third world country so "they" can start treating us like "they" give a darn.

Some of you will agree or have an opinion on these issues and some of you will be offended. You may favor one of these candidates or none, but the message is clear, aside from more taxes and impeaching the president, what's the plan for the American people?

I would mention who "they" are, but it’s hard to give them names when all you can see is their heads in the sand.

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