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Wed, July 17

Letter | I am a Christian, a Catholic and proud of it

Christianity has been the primary defender of human rights and dignity for more than 2,000 years. Our churches have done more for the poor than any other institutions in history. We have been tireless advocates for the worker, the downtrodden, the sanctity of families and the rights of children born or unborn. The Catholic Church has been responsible for the education of more people than any institution, including government, in history. In our community, our churches are truly engaged in bettering the lives and values of everyone regardless of their status in life.

However, we can’t deny that evil exists in our world. It can be found in our streets, institutions, government, and churches, and at times, in our own hearts. We are not immune from evil as no one is. But we as Christians, and individuals, do our best to prevent and diminish its influence in our lives. To that end, we pray and hope for our churches, our communities, our country and our world.

May Jesus’ peace be with you, always.


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