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Wed, June 16

Remember to make memories this Easter

The tradition of coloring Easter eggs and turning them into Deviled eggs is still a beloved family tradition. (Adobe Images)

The tradition of coloring Easter eggs and turning them into Deviled eggs is still a beloved family tradition. (Adobe Images)

Easter is just about here. Ham dinner, Easter baskets and hunting for eggs. For some, an early church service.

I wonder, am I the only one who still makes real eggs? I notice in the stores that there are a lot of plastic eggs and tiny candies to go inside. I suppose that is what a lot of people do now. Or some even put little toys inside the plastic eggs. Whatever people choose, as long as it is fun.

I personally still enjoy coloring real hard-boiled eggs. I did it with my grandchildren and will be doing it with my great-grandchildren as well. I am not sure if I do it for them or me. I must admit I do love turning them into deviled eggs after the day ends.

Some years ago when my grandkids were small, they came to my home for an Easter egg hunt. They were about five and 10 years old, I think. I spent a long time trying to hide them all over the back yard, the eggs I mean. Some of them I thought would be pretty tough to find.

Well, I had two Basset hound dogs back then. They are known for their "sniffing" skills. As soon as the kids started hunting the eggs, the dogs did the same.

It didn't take long for the kids to figure out that if they just followed the dogs, they would lead them to the eggs. Perhaps I should have planned better.

Sharing Easter with family is always a good time. It doesn't matter if you celebrate for religious reasons or just for fun. Our family tries to make the most of every holiday. Lots of food, photos, and enjoying the company of those we love.

Sister and I talk about the days when Easter was also celebrated in the classroom. Decorations on the bulletin boards, and always getting cupcakes and cookies from the parents who would drop off all kinds of good stuff. I guess kids didn't have allergies back then. Remember when no one cared if there were nuts in anything?

Because Easter was always on Sunday, the last Friday before was a great day! Not only did we slack off pretty much at school that day, but we had a whole week of school vacation coming. It was actually called "Easter vacation." I think they call it "spring break" now, although it seems like the kids are out of school now for all kinds of breaks every month or so.

Going back to school was a bit awkward for sister and me. All the kids would come back to school with new clothes. I wasn't sure why, but I know we didn't. Only once, I do remember our aunt taking us out for new outfits to wear when school started again. Funny, it is THAT Easter which stands out most.

Our dad worked at a warehouse that delivered all kinds of different things to local stores. Sister reminded me just today that was the Easter Dad brought home a case of chocolate bunnies and a case of Peeps that his boss gave him to take home. How do you forget an Easter like that? We ate candy like it was Halloween! We sure didn't care that we had no Easter baskets.

Whether you are celebrating this holiday with family and friends, or just remembering the Easters you used to have, enjoy the day.

I know I will.


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