Don’t give up when job hunting

It's rare to find an employer that will take a paper application, as most want you fill them out online. (Adobe Images)

It's rare to find an employer that will take a paper application, as most want you fill them out online. (Adobe Images)

Why has it become so darn difficult to find a job these days?

I often read things online from those who have spent months looking for work here in town. One would think with the number of people here who are retired that the job market would be pretty wide open.

Not the case, it seems. First of all, there are very few employers that offer a work application that needs to be filled out by hand. If you do not have the capability to send it online, you are done.

Before you recommend the library, please be aware that there is at least a dozen fake job sites at your disposal. They are quite good at what they do, and will even use the business logo from the employer you are trying to reach.

After you have sent in your application, you may wonder why you are not getting any responses. Instead, you are being contacted by dozens of companies trying to sell you insurance, help you apply for SSI, and even refer you to other bogus sites.

If you have been fortunate enough to find a few jobs available to you that still use a PAPER application, good luck with that. Each of them may tell you they are in fact hiring, and you will never hear back from them. Why? you ask. Because they changed their minds about letting someone go, they filled the position weeks before and are just stacking up applications in case the new guy/girl does not work out.

If you are lucky enough to get an interview, it may be what used to be referred to as a cattle call. They have called back every single person who has put in an application for the past six months to a year. They have ONE position available, and YOU think you may have actually peaked their interest. You are probably thinking if all else fails, I COULD work at a fast food establishment.

Yes, you could. If you can swallow your pride, you can do it! Working fast food is nothing to be ashamed of. It may not be the career you were looking for, but who said you have to make a career out of it?

Any job that can bring in a little money, and is not illegal, is a JOB. No one need ever be ashamed of working at something they feel may be far below what they are "qualified" for.

All people who work in a service industry are hardworking, and usually very nice people. Some make pretty good money, while others do not. What I am trying to say is finding suitable employment here may be a struggle.

Some jobs that pay well are often very physical, while others require you to work many hours at a difficult shift time. If you "know someone who knows someone," they can often give you a hand up with the hiring. If not, just don't give up. The right job is out there, and it just may NOT be what you were hoping for.

How much are you earning now?

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