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Rants and Raves | August 16, 2019

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Free thinkers only tolerate those who agree with them: If you read the writings of Jefferson, Franklin, and Adams AND the Constitution itself, you will find the Founders believed strongly in FREE THINKING – that is why the Constitution is written to PROTECT the right to different ideas!

Exploiting massacres to raise poll ratings: So Buchanan, can you not comprehend what is going on? When is the “tweeter-in-chief” going to start bringing all of us together? His rhetoric and actions are that of a divider!

City of Kingman enters management services agreement with NACFD: We live in the NACFD District and we are being “railroaded” into an agreement with the City of Kingman with no explanation to the NACFD taxpayers about what or how the $155,000 they are charging us will be used! Unfair!

Free thinkers are only tolerant of those who agree with them: TOTALLY NOT TRUE! Before you condemn someone else’s beliefs, you should examine your own. This country was founded on the principle that you may choose to believe in any religion or NONE. And the French Revolution is a far reach!

Self examination would be a good start in response to mass shootings: As Christians, we do a great job of telling people what they shouldn’t be doing.” Christians need to clean up their own act before telling anyone else what to do. What did Jesus teach? Sure wasn’t hatred and division.

City/NACFD management ageement: Instead of about 20 miles to service, KFD has now agreed to manage the 65-square-mile NACFD Fire District. Does Jake Rhodes even know where our fire stations are? What a $155,515 rip-off of NACFD taxpayers!

Free thinkers are only tolerant when someone agrees with them: Are Republicans really threatened by the concept of secularism, to put up such a fuss simply because a group had a speaker come to town! I guess mass shootings are less worthy of concern than someone choosing freedom of thought.

Trump vows action after shootings claim 31 lives: Trump better bow and scrape in front of Wayne Lapierre before he does anything. After all, the NRA gave $30 million dollars to the Trump campaign.

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