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Rants and Raves | August 21, 2019

Flags at half-staff – It seems our flags should remain at half-staff permanently. They spend more time there than at full-staff! No disrespect intended to the people it honors. Just seems to spend a lot of time there!

Defining racism in Mohave County – Ms. Popeda did a good job reporting this story in fair and non-partisan fashion. Thank you KDM for fair coverage of an important issue facing us here in Mohave County and around the nation.

Chris Cuomo – Fredo Is Not A Racial Slur – Cuomo is one of the loudest, rudest, interrupt you, in-your-face people on his TV show. He referred to himself as Fredo a few years back. Guess he forgot all that. What goes around, comes around, Fredo.

Remodel of 2600 Northern by NACFD – First they sell us out to KFD and the City of Kingman, and then they try to get approval for a REMODEL of a Hay storage building, almost $1,000,000, with an unqualified bid. Takes two, they had one! Something wrong!

Suburban voters pressure Republicans to act on guns – Follow the money. Republican politicians are attached to the NRA at the hip. Nothing will get done on the gun issue.

Shooting down California’s ammo law – Mr. Reagan, if you don’t like California’s ammo laws why don’t you move back to your country of origin. Clean up the problems in Ireland instead of making problems here.

Trump dismisses worries of recession, says economy is strong – Some people still believe this guy. Gullibility is a curse on the masses who cannot think for themselves.

2nd Amendment Sanctuary City – Republican Party Chairman Sam Scarmardo’s comments are despicable! I can`t believe anyone would want to live in Arizona with representation like that. People live in Needles BECAUSE it’s California. Keep your crazy AZ gun owners out of our beautiful state!

New poll shows health care is still critical issue for Arizonans – The Republicans don’t know how to fix health care. They don’t have a clue, no new ideas and they don’t care if you can pay for insurance or not. They have theirs and if you don’t have yours, tough luck.

Gould, Gillette face public critism over remarks – As well they should. Where are all the Christian voices in this county? What would Jesus, the most liberal man in history have to say?

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