Cremation mail

Over the years, I have gotten a lot of mail that was not mine. (Adobe Images)

Over the years, I have gotten a lot of mail that was not mine. (Adobe Images)

I got an invite in my mail this week inviting me to attend a free seminar. It was all about CREMATION. Now don't get me wrong, I totally believe in cremation. Saving space in the ground, your relatives not having that place to go and cry, just to name a few reasons. I don't even mind that they send these unsolicited ads without my asking for them. Today was my sister's birthday. She happens to be older than I am. She is not getting ANY of this kind of mail. In fact today, her birthday, I actually got two more ads from Funeral Advantage, and one that did not have a name of their business. Both were letting me know how much less costly cremation is than regular burial. I am beginning to wonder. Do they know something I don't?

Over the years, I have gotten a lot of mail that was not mine. They used to call that "junk" mail. Remember when they had some unknown name on the front followed by "or current resident?" It is not unusual to get mail for my older brother who passed away more than five years ago. He never lived with me, and certainly did not live at my current address at any time. My insurance company spends a ton of money to send me the same statement, over and over. I am sure I mentioned to them that they might consider cutting back on the cost of the postage, and perhaps lowering the amount of my co-payment. I think that mail delivery may be losing ground these days. Lots of people prefer a post office box, while others are so rural they have to go to the post office no matter. I am old-fashioned, in as much as I like "mailing" my bills out. I know there are MANY people who prefer to do all their business online. I now pay an extra fee to my cable and phone company because I want to see my bill in person. I don't get it online, and don't pay it that way. They just punish me with that extra buck each month, and remind me that I COULD PAY ONLINE at no charge. I have some family members who are quite comfortable doing all their financial business online, and don't give it a thought. They may not have bought a postage stamp, in years. When I buy a book of stamps, the price makes me cringe. I don't think that raising the price of a stamp is somehow going to make the post office rich. I sometimes wonder if they, too, would prefer you pay your bills online. Since I retired, I have found that checking the mail is something I enjoy. I never know just what may be lurking in there, and whom it may be for. I no longer receive many birthday cards, Christmas cards, etc. However, most friends and family always manage to wish me well online. Getting back to the Cremation mail, Is anyone else getting this stuff?

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