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Mon, Jan. 27

Letter | Have some compassion toward the patients, please

It really makes my blood boil the way our medical insurance plays politics at our expense. Our doctors don’t write scripts for us because of our good looks – hint, hint liberal medical insurance companies.

Why can’t these clowns ever work with our medical doctors instead of giving them and the patients the run around and forcing patients such as me to deal with our pain?

I say enough is enough with their abusing us taxpaying patients. Shape up or ship out! We need our medications now, not tomorrow or next year, but right now.

Don’t these liberals even care if we live or die? Please! Show some compassion, not to mention an ilk of human kindness.

I have a serious question for the liberal bureaucrats. How would you feel if you were denied medical attention? If you don’t want this treatment done to you, then start working with the doctors. Like it, or lump it!

Don’t these liberals even have a heart? I’ve been without pain medication since June of last year. I’ve been dealing with severe headaches for at least 16 years. A person can only handle pain to a point. Get my drift now?

Here are four scriptures for you to read and pray on. Psalm 106:6; Psalm 118:4; Proverbs 21:8; Exodus 20:15. Patients are taxpayers, too.

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