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Rants & Raves | Feb. 3, 2019

Got something on your mind? Tell us about it in 40 words or less. If your rant or rave is about a specific story, please mention the headline.

Armed robbery leaves woman seriously injured: Good job to citizens catching guy trying to steal an older woman’s purse. I like people that get involved. Need more like you.

Westminster dog show’s new breeds: New dog breeds and shows? Let’s make sure that the expensive ones find homes. What a business those breeders are in. Real dog lovers here, right?

Ralph the dog: So happy to see that Ralph (dog) is making a full recovery. When his picture first posted, it broke my heart. Hope he gets a most wonderful forever home. He deserves it.

Aide says Trump OK with second shutdown over border spat: This is what an ‘over the top’ ego will do for you. He is not happy unless he wins ALL the marbles ALL the time! Greed is good!

NACFD considers city proposal: The NACFD had a strong leader. They fired him as soon as he started improving things and saw through their BS. A strong leader and Board wouldn’t have purchased a worthless building.

Catholics and sex abuse: Google “Separating Facts About Clergy Abuse From Fiction” and “Child Sexual Abuse in Protestant Christian Congregations.”

Shutdown projected to cause $3B permanent hit to economy: And I thought Trump was such a great businessman. I guess he thinks he is when he’s using money not his own.

Glimpse of Kingman’s History: Great article, keep it up, would like to see more articles of local history. Now, bring back “Ol’ Diggins.”

Journalism isn’t dead; It’s undead: Laura, you talk about deceit. Have you ever watched FOX NEWS? Talk about deceit!

Financial literacy courses may be required: I am proud of Kingman schools and administrations. They are way ahead of the curve on this life lesson. Without financial literacy you are just another victim of the system.

Lee Williams’ Lucero signs with University of Nebraska Kearney: Paige, you will do just fine because Kingman stands behind you. Always great to see someone from a multi-generational Kingman family doing positive things for themselves and our Community,

Historical school needs many things fixed and replaced: Thank you Kingman Unified School District. Palo Christi School (Kingman Grammar to a lot of us) is vital to the welfare of downtown Kingman. We can’t let this treasure be taken away from us.

Republican Jeff Flake says he will not challenge Trump in 2016: Jeff Flake you are one of the few voices of reason in our Country. Please run for a senate or house seat in Arizona.

Arizona House sidelines bid to oust Rep. David Stringer: Please get this settled. The people of Arizona need a yes or no answer. You’re working on our dime House members.

U.S. intel heads list North Korea, not border, as threat to U.S.: Really? Do these people with the intellect and experience to do their jobs know more about these things than Donald Trump and Rush Limbaugh?

Historical school needs many things fixed and replaced: We happily attended this school with no elevators, etc. Friend Bruce, in a wheelchair, had two boys weekly assigned to transporting him and his chair wherever. It worked because, back then, you simply did what you had to do.

Tech making ‘car guys’ endangered species: AGREE! Just bought vehicle that I am scared of. Why? There’s an 8-inch screen in the center of the dash. It’s a distraction. Just want radio, not complicated computer. Sits in driveway. I go out and study the dash before I ever drive it.

Hunting coyotes: Yes, why not hunt and kill them? Make it a fun “contest.” When you get bored with that, you can start hunting stray dogs, cats and horses. Oh wait, some already do. It’s just a SPORT!

Take a step back and look at yourself: Nice article BK King. We need to really take look at the clowns we’ve put into high office in this Country. Opportunists, thieves, liars and cheaters. Maybe it’s always been that way but it’s out of control now.

Graves U-Haul helps Kaylee move to Maryland: Great save by U-Haul. It sometimes DOES take a village. Glad they made it safe and sound. Prayers to the health of the child.

The rule of law is for everybody: Thank you Rick Hall. This IS about the rule of law and it should be applied to Democrats, Republicans and all others. We do have people on both side that think they are above the law.

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