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Tue, Jan. 21

Letter | Sometimes it seems more people would rather turn violent than apply common sense

It would honestly appear that our society has truly regressed from having the ability to show respect for one another or to apply “common sense.” I shall also add that I have also noted that the vocabulary has fallen to that of those who show their inability to communicate in any sort of acceptable manner.

Over this past week, I witnessed this at the local Walmart parking lot. In one case a driver would have deliberately backed his truck into another car, when he had more than enough space to exit his parking space, and when the other driver sounded his horn, a common warning; the driver of the truck pulled back into the very parking space he had been ready to exit and began making a rant and threats – showing a complete lack of manners, and was only subdued when as the result of his shouting he had a crowd of people and was reminded that his actions and threats were being recorded on the security cameras as well as a few people who had their phones out.

The second case involved two Handicapped Drivers trying to enter the same Handicap Parking Space. They nearly had a Head on Collision and before either of them retreated once again that wonderful display of a lack of proper vocabulary was displayed, including threats. Thankfully, they noted there were several of us witnessing their behavior and one driver – the most vocal, found the better part of valor and did retreat.

In both cases we are not talking about young people, these were older adults, whom you could have a reasonable expectation that they knew better and were simply showing their complete lack of common sense.

Let us, however, consider how over the past few years we have seen this marked regression within our society, and we note that even those in whom we have elected to positions of authority and have the authority and responsibility to govern have so often displayed the conduct of the disrespectful, and a lack of having the vocabulary of someone with the education to communicate and show true leadership. Currently, as a nation we note the complete inability of those whom we have entrusted to govern to resolve their political differences like responsible adults and therefore truly do what is most clearly in the best interest of the citizens whom they were elected to serve.

Perhaps everyone needs to step back, and truly learn how to think before they react. As a society and a nation we can truly do a great deal better.

Lloyd Ervin Greenwood

Golden Valley resident

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