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Wed, June 16

Valentine’s Day is the sweetest of holidays

Lovers of Valentine's Day are hoping there won't come a day when it starts offending people. (Adobe Images)

Lovers of Valentine's Day are hoping there won't come a day when it starts offending people. (Adobe Images)

Valentine's Day is nearly here. Another reason to spoil those we love with candy, flowers and even jewelry.

From the time we were children we were taught that this day is for drawing hearts and sharing little cards with sweet messages attached. I hope that decorating classrooms is still allowed. It did make for very pretty walls during that week.

I think this MAY be one of the few special days that have not been outlawed, for some reason. We have become so offended by nearly everything these days, I am not sure how long Valentine's Day will survive.

The days of just having a reason to celebrate may not be around much longer. Someone may decide that having RED hearts has some kind of ethnic or political basis. Or perhaps it stands for something other than the heart, after all. You know, one of those hidden meanings people seem to find.

I wonder if parents are still allowed to bring those homemade cupcakes for the class. You remember, those ones with the little heart candies on top? Nobody ever went into shock from food allergies in those days. We all just enjoyed the cupcakes!

Funny how much healthier us kids were back then. That was before doctors told us to stop giving anything good to kids.

If we look at these holidays as a religious day, I suppose that could be a valid reason for concern. We used to have Easter and Christmas at school. We had Christmas programs with singing, and sometimes costumes. It did not seem to be a problem whether or not you were Jewish, and did not celebrate Christmas in your home. Or maybe Easter was all about the Easter Bunny and NOT a Christian holiday.

Our grandchildren and great-grandchildren may soon not be a part of those fun times. They will surely become offensive to someone and will no longer be allowed.

When I was married, my husband was somewhat less than romantic. I remember he did get excited around Valentine's Day, though. Mervyn’s (now closed) always had a special Valentine's Day promotion. If you bought a bottle of perfume, you got a free box of See's Candies. I could usually depend on that perfume, as my husband did love See's Candies.

I am sure there are still many people around who celebrate this holiday. It is still so pretty when displayed in our stores. So much red, pink and loving words.

I believe I heard that aside from Mother's Day, Feb. 14 is the busiest day for flower deliveries, as well as jewelry purchases. A large number of weddings as well.

Whether you have a sweetheart or not, it is still a special day to many. Please, let us not find a reason to stop this sweet day. Well now, I think perhaps I MAY indulge myself in a box of candy on the day after when it all goes on sale for 50 percent off.

Happy Valentine's Day

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