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Thu, Oct. 17

Have fun in the creative, imaginative world of ‘Legos Movie 2: The Second Part’

“Legos Movie 2: The Second Part” delights at parts with its creativity and imaginative world. (Legos Movie 2: The Second Part image)

“Legos Movie 2: The Second Part” delights at parts with its creativity and imaginative world. (Legos Movie 2: The Second Part image)

I don't recall whether I saw “The Lego Movie,” but it really didn't matter watching the second one.

The main characters are: Emmit, Lucy Wildstyle, Batman, Queen Watevra Wa-Nabi, Benny the Spaceman voiced by Chris Pratt, Elizabeth Banks, Will Arnett, Tiffany Haddish and Charlie Day, respectively.

It's a movie about the plastic snap-together construction blocks coming alive through the extensive use of computer graphics. The shapes, buildings and environment is limited only by a child's mind, who we see periodically in a real life brother-sister sibling conflict that plays out through the film.

The plot is simple. The Queen comes to the group's little town called Apocalypseburg and the visit is interpreted as an attack. Most of the rest of the movie is about the main characters going to attack the Queen and resist her efforts to marry Batman.

Sprinkled in the CGI animation are glimpses into the real life basement where the older brother Finn (Jason Sand) and little sister (Brooklyn Prince, who also voices Bianca) were playing but got into a battle of the wills whereupon Mom (Maya Rudolph) intercedes. Mom tells the kids if they can't play nice, then the Legos get put into storage. The Legos eventually go there but not until the large Lego creation gets destroyed in the sibling conflict, which is translated well into the Lego story with Emmit destroying the matrimonial platform. Off into a storage bin the Legos go.

As the kids are putting them away, they realize the fun and togetherness they enjoyed with their sibling. By the end, all is well with the real siblings and in the imaginary Lego world.

As a movie, there were a lot of times where it dragged, picked up only to drag again. Colors were bright and the Lego characters were imaginative. Names of places and people seemed more imaginative such as Undar of the Driar system (for under the dryer) and Queen Watevra Wa-Nabi (for whatever you want to be). Batman let out a few references some adults might catch and find amusing, if you listen closely. The music through the closing credits was imaginative and creative as well, if you listen to the words.

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