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Wed, Oct. 23

Miner Editorial | Is City Council PINOs? Patriots In Name Only?

While applauding local efforts by the Jerry Ambrose Veterans Council, Disabled American Veterans, American Legion and Arizona Veterans Services to ease the hardships veterans sometimes endure when they come home, The Daily Miner Editorial Board in a Dec. 5 editorial encouraged everyone, including itself, to step up for those who sacrificed for our country.

“If we (say we) support our troops while they are abroad, we need to show our care and support when they are at home,” we wrote.

After this week’s unsettling vote by City Council, The Daily Miner Editorial Board senses how we treat veterans when they come home from the battlefields of freedom must be reiterated.

Adams Construction & Management Co. received unanimous consent from the City Planning and Zoning Commission to take a 5-acre property on the northwest corner of Mission Boulevard and Jackson Street from residential single family 10,000-square-foot minimum to C-2-HMR Hualapai Mountain Road Overlay District. This request was so 49 residential units comprising of 24 duplexes and one on-site manager’s residence for veterans could be built. The developer was going to put in a traffic light to ease concerns about traffic flow.

Despite a parcel bordering the property already rezoned to C-2-HMR Hualapai Mountain Road Overlay District, the City Council unanimously denied the rezone.

It’s too bad these former troops didn’t hear from this City Council about rezoning when they were asked to pitch a tent near a battlefield defending Council’s right to deny them a place to recover when their tours of duty were over, no matter how many years later.

The one argument against the request that was plausible is that over the years there have been R-1-10 parcels in the area that have been rezoned. Those residents expressed their concerns regarding “litte islands” of R-1-10 parcels, property values being diminished, and that the veterans housing project under discussion would be too close to a convenience store that sells alcohol.

Kingman missed an extraordinary opportunity to show the county, the state, and the nation that we truly do support our troops. We had the chance to do more than stand, remove our caps, and mouth the words to the “Star Spangled Banner.” We had the chance to actually do something.

City Council chose to give more weight to special interests than the sacrifice of our veterans.

Fortunately, there may be a hero who will save the day.

George Francuski, who owns adjacent property already zoned C-2 HMR, said if Council decided to turn down the rezone request, the project could be built on his property.

Thank you, George.

Remember, when we send our sons and daughters, fathers and mothers, and grandfathers and grandmothers into battle, we owe them for their sacrifice for us.

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