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Sun, Jan. 19

Community View | We march for all women

2018 Women’s March in New York City on Sixth Avenue between 49th-50th streets. (Photo by Rhododendrites/WikiMediaCommons)

2018 Women’s March in New York City on Sixth Avenue between 49th-50th streets. (Photo by Rhododendrites/WikiMediaCommons)

Jan. 20, 2019 was the first annual Mohave County Women’s March down at Locomotive Park. We had about 20 people participate, with two different local media sources showing up to capture the event.

As I read through the comments on one of the live-feed videos, I was most taken aback by the women who commented with, “They don’t represent me!” Really?

We marched for equal protection under the Constitution regardless of gender. Only one more state’s ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) is needed, and we are fighting for Arizona to be that state.

The only constitutional protection women have is the 19th Amendment (the right to vote). That’s it. Without constitutional protection, laws can be changed and repealed. You want protection under the Constitution only for your right to vote?

We marched for the equal right to privacy in medical care for all women. Currently under Arizona state law, doctors are required to report certain (what is supposed to be HIPAA protected) information to the state (against our will), which in turn reports it to the federal government. You want your private medical information reported to the government without your consent?

We marched for equal pay for equal work. Here in Mohave County, the statistical average for men is between $55,000 and $56,000 each year. The statistical average for women in Mohave County is between $34,000 and $35,000. You want to work for less money than men?

We marched to help educate young girls about the painful struggle of women’s history because we want to raise strong, empowered women who continue with the fight for women’s equality. You accept the hard-earned successes women’s history has achieved as “good enough?”

We marched to remind our legislators that women are still fighting for equality, that we reject the status quo that privileges men, and that we refuse to sit back down politely in silence as our bodies are politicized and terrorized by legislative agendas that we will never support. You accept that our government has a right to govern women’s bodies, your body?

And we marched wearing pink hats with cat ears that are affectionately called “pink pussy(cat) hats” because we don’t like or want any man thinking they can grab our “pussy,” or even talk about us that way when they’re having their male-bonding “locker room” talk. You really want your “pussy” grabbed?

The Mohave County Women’s March is about fighting for local women’s issues right here in Mohave County, not the political agendas of Washington that divide us as women and as a community. And if what we’re doing really doesn’t represent you, that’s fine. We will continue marching next year for your right to criticize those of us who refuse to let the men in power control our bodies, limit our reproductive choices, and deny our right for equal protection under the Constitution.

This year’s march was absolutely fantastic! For those who are interested in helping to organize next year’s Mohave County Women’s March, please send an email to

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