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Rants and Raves | Feb. 24, 2019

Got something on your mind? Tell us about it in 40 words or less. If your rant or rave is about a specific story, please mention the headline.

Nunchakus: Nunchakus are not prohibited in lawful martial arts pursuits. Article is misleading, states that it’s a crime to possess, not true.

Broken asphalt and pot holes: Kingman is the first city I’ve seen which has no load limit on their residential streets. A maxed out semi can be up to 80,000 pounds, thus broken asphalt and pot holes.

October, 2015 Vice Mayor Wimpee Resignes: Wimpee resigned, citing not to allow his personal life to harm Kingman, “There’s so much negativity surrounding me.” Mr. Lingenfelter not only your personal life but your City and council life is surrounded by negativity. Maybe time to take a page from history?

Supervisors to discuss supporting fuel tax legislation: Taxing for the purpose of roads, wildlife, licenses you name it, does no good without guarantees requiring the monies be used for that purpose forever, and cannot be rolled into the general fund or anywhere else. Look at Social Security.

Kingman Airport embracing World War II theme: Love this idea! Maybe Kingman could host a WWII aircraft fly-in. Charge admission and use the proceeds to fund the remodel. Might even be able to entice owners to store their restored aircraft here.

Report on Lingenfelter recall included in Council agenda: Get over it! Find something else to cry and moan about. The Council is doing a great job.

Passing the ERA ia good for the economy: Gender parity is coming and it is about time. We need to realize that it is a positive step forward. Over one half of the population of the world is female.

Beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing: Thank you Jim. Cooler heads need to get ahead of this problem and let the Council get on with their tasks at hand.

Kingman Crossing Boulevard lane reduction returns to Council: Kingman Crossing needs to be four lanes. Otherwise it could turn into a bigger mess than Stockton Hill Road. Look ahead people.

New principal at LWHS: Congratulations Scott Taylor on your selection as new principal at LWHS. You will be awesome in that position!

Amtrak gets $50M for Southwest Chief route that runs through Mohave County: I am so happy to read this. I wish our own state representatives had also pushed this idea. It provides a reasonable travel option for those of limited income.

Jason McCafferty: RIP Jason McCafferty-you were a nice young man when I met you a long time ago when you were dating my daughter. Enjoy your next adventure.

Anti Vaxxers are a threat to all of us: Every 19 minutes someone in North America dies from an FDA approved drug. But according to the Bible, parents are to trust the lives of their children to the government healthcare experts? Google Brady Bunch, Measles for the actual threat.

NACFD: The building at 2600 Northern cannot be used as a fire station as it does not meet building codes. Why do they continue with this sham?

Mark Kelly anti gun: I can see why Mark Kelly can be anti gun but he also needs to realize that guns have not changed one iota but society has. He needs to do the right thing to understand this and work on society.

School staff pushing a student around: First off, the fact that he is autistic has absolutely nothing to do with the incident. When any school staff put their hands on any student, it is never OK.

Diet Center tips: Just using the word diet can be fatal to your attempts. It is a life long program and has no beginning or end. A culmination of life changes that you need to keep forever.

Handicapped parking spaces: Why doesn’t the city enforce the American Disability Act on handicapped parking spots? Look at spaces by Dominos for example. The city must enforce these laws. I guess the city does not care about senior or the disabled citizens.

Parent says child assaulted by teacher assistant at Desert Willow Elementary: Parents of special needs children could consider seeking out private programs for the care of troublesome youths, KUSD could possibly be underfunded and ill-equipped for the large and growing population of problematic cherubs being placed in their custody.

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