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Mon, May 20

Happy to be here

Take stock and be grateful for each day you get. (Adobe Images)

Take stock and be grateful for each day you get. (Adobe Images)

It is always good to bring in a new year with lots of goals.

As for me, I am just thankful I have lived long enough to welcome in a new year. Most of us have lost at least one close friend or family member in the past year.

Each decade brings many changes for those of us in our 70s or older. I still say "we start aging in dog years" once we turn 70. No longer does a year seem like 12 months, but rather we are having a birthday every time we turn around. Things we did with ease, just a year ago, have now become impossible tasks.

How is it that you used to be able to manage with just a few hours of sleep, but now a nap becomes something you have to do?

I know a lot has been said about staying healthy and living longer. As if somehow eating right and exercise will guarantee you a long life. Sadly, that is not the case. If you don't think you inherited anything from your parents, you need to at least admit you have a strong tendency to develop the same health issues. Some things are just unavoidable.

A healthy heart is something we all know has much to do with how long we will live. Some heart defects are passed on to us, and no matter what, we cannot change that. If your family has a strong history of cancer, you are much more likely to suffer the same thing. So where does that leave us? Should we just eat, drink and be merry if our family wasn't healthy? Of course not, but at least come to terms with the reality of genetics. There is a whole lot more involved here than just passing on the blue eyes or long legs. All we can do is our best and make every effort to break the chain of poor health. My siblings and I outlived both our parents. Hopefully, our children will have more years than us, and so on.

Those who suffer from alcoholism or drug addiction are in the same boat. It is not unusual to have one parent who had one of those diseases. If only we can break the chain of poor health and alcoholism, we could have generations that live longer and healthier lives.

There are those among us who do everything humanly possible to stay fit, and it doesn't seem to change a thing. Others of us throw caution to the wind and accept whatever fate lies ahead.

I, for one, cherish every single day I am here above ground. No matter what, I am thankful for the time I have been given. Seems each time we hear of the loss of someone younger than ourselves, we realize how very blessed we are.

Let this be a year of personal awareness for all us grandmas and great-grandmas, to make special memories and be thankful each morning we are given yet another day.


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