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Sun, Jan. 26

Rants & Raves | Jan. 6, 2019

AP explains what happens in a partial government shutdown: Get rid of all lobbyists in Washington, quit electing republicans and democrats and get some honest Americans in office for a change.

Boy dies after Yemeni mom fights travel ban: So a U.S. citizen father lives in Yemen, marries Yemeni, then they live in Egypt. Their child gets ill, father brings him to U.S. for treatment, but non-citizen wife can’t come. No Egyptian treatment? But she’s suing Trump administration?

Disrepecting authority rips the fabric in which America is made: First you have to have an authority that respects every American. That fabric in which America is made has been torn asunder by the current administration in Washington D.C. We are a nation in need of repair.

Activist wants Arizona seniors exempt from property taxes: I’m in! I’ll sign that petition. It’s about time Arizona gave something to the seniors, especially now with the increased vehicle fee and the change in the tax code, both of which will hit seniors hardest.

How the war party lost the Middle East: I pity the person who takes over the presidency from Trump in 2020 (or before). Talk about a huge, monstrous, enormous mess they will inherit!

Activist wants Arizona seniors exempt from property taxes: The problem is that we have so many wealthy people exempt from so many other taxes who is going to end up paying taxes? People who can’t afford to.

Over 65 should not pay property taxes: It appears that this lady feels others should pay for her services provided by the city and county. That is pure nonsense. If services are now “free” it means others have to pay. This silly idea has no merit.

AZ seniors exempt from property taxes: I see this as a burden on the government if the age is 65+...could be 75+ and achieve a better compromise. Also, who wants to draw all sorts of people to Arizona? I don’t.

Activist wants Arizona seniors exempt from property taxes: Agree for most part. Increases mean they never truly own their properties and must find ways to keep up. It definitely would attract more individuals with money. Companies will view this as a benefit for their workers.

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