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Rant & Raves | Jan. 13, 2019

Got something on your mind? Tell us about it in 40 words or less. If your rant or rave is about a specific story, please mention the headline.

Buy a car: This person is moving knowing that his car isn’t trustworthy. Now we want the people from Kingman to buy a car...I don’t think so. Give him a bus ticket. This story sounds fishy!

Stranded veteran: Story on the stranded veteran. I hope the community can help get him back on his way. Kingman people are kind and giving, for the most part. I expect we will do the right thing for this guy.

Have DPS earn its budget on U.S. 93: Thank you Dennis. More DPS officers are needed to maintain speeders on U.S. 93 north and south of Kingman. And we need to pay them a lot better.

Mattis farewell to Pentagon staff: I’ve never understood why we elect draft dodgers (Trump, Clinton, Cheney) to the highest office and our land.

Shop local: The merchants of Kingman want me to shop local, their prices need to be inline with surrounding areas… Gas in Kingman $2.65, Bullhead $2.21! It was advertised winter gas prices would drop yet they hold at high prices in Kingman.

Shop local: Went to Phoenix for a 2018 Silverado. Got a fancy model for less than $35,000 out the door. Tried to buy from Kingman Chevrolet, Price for similar was higher than $35,000 before tax! Tax in Phoenix was lower than Kingman!

A wall without debt doesn’t make sense: Just announced $35 billion going to aid other countries; $5 billion for a wall is a nothingburger. God instructed Nehemiah to “build the wall around the city,” heaven will have walls, etc. With border out of control, build the wall!

City’s Infrastructure, don’t blame Prop 413: Prop 413 was the of result Lingenfelter introducing a new 1/2 percent tax in violation ARS and passed by the Kool-Aid drinkers Miles, Stehly and Wayt. The $6.2 million loss of city’s revenue is on their shoulders. Don’t group think.

Help seniors not bombs: Thank you, Dennis. You put Republicans in charge and they try to empty the government candy jar. They try most to help their own kind and everybody else gets to lookout for themselves.

A wall with our debt doesn’t make sense: Trump brought the wall problem and the government shutdown on all by himself. Let him pay for both mistakes. He thinks he can pass all the debt on to whoever follows him in the White House.

What ever happened to Glen and Bessie Hyde: I think they should have taken life preservers. I’m sure they perished exactly as written here – she was pulled in; he went in after her. Good story. My husband and two sons also ran this river. Fun but dangerous.

Beale and I-40 Dangerous: Ralph is exactly right. Dangerous! I go through this daily. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Like the rr crossings on Front Street to Topeka. With narrowing from new curbs, at night you can barely see where to drive.

$10,000 for VIP seats to inauguration of top officials: Money down the proverbial money pit. Influence peddling and lobbying is not what the founding fathers had in mind.

Trump to take case for border wall to prime-time audience: Trump must come up with the first billion out of his own pocket, then I will consider how serious he is about putting up his fence.

Attorney general Brnovich aims to end ‘skyrocketing’ tuition: Why doesn’t Brnovich quit the ongoing giveaway of our public monies to fly by night private schools that seem to crop up in Arizona like an out of control plague?

City’s infracture needs people to shop locally: Thank you Shawn. You and the Daily Miner’s continued support for our City is greatly appreciated.

Hospitals guard prices like the CIA guards secrets: The insurance companies are out to maximize their profits. The hospitals are trying to stay solvent. Many patients won’t or can’t pay their bills. Don’t blame this on the hospitals.

Trump pleads on TV for wall money: We need to extend a wall that people are already tunneling under? Get real people. Trump cannot stand it if he doesn’t win 100 percent of everything all the time!

Mental illness: Great article on mental illness. It is something that was neglected for too many years. It is an illness like any other, and needs to be treated.

A disgrace to the fine people of Arizona: Most Arizonans have not yet figured out that the Republican party is the “tax and spend” party in this state and they always blame it on the democrats. I am not a Democrat, but I see what has happened.

Mr. and Mrs. Catholic, haven’t you had enough: Do you understand the phrase “cast the first stone.” If not, you need to read your bible.

No, this is not JFK’s Democratic Party: Likewise, the Republican Party is no longer the party of Lincoln.

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