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Mon, May 20

This government shutdown is stinging everyone

So here I sit looking at the screen, trying to think of SOMETHING upbeat and positive to write about.

Many people are feeling the sting of the government’s temporary shutdown. Even when you think "it will not affect me," it may indeed effect friends and family. Someone very close to me, a single dad, was recently laid off from his job. To his surprise, he was denied unemployment.

“Why?” you ask. Because his employer, as well as himself, did not pay into it. Now, I have heard of these things, and even worked at a place years ago that did not take out unemployment.

It was a nonprofit I worked for, and they are legally allowed to do it. Apparently there is additional criteria that allows certain other employers to do the same thing. In any case, his income ended suddenly and there was no plan B.

Those who live in subsidized housing may find that the portion normally paid to the property owner is not coming. The local office that handles these housing programs currently has no one in the office, just a recording letting the clients know that “due to the current government shutdown, they will not be in nor will they have anyone available to answer questions posted to its website.”

Those who depend on food stamps will also be in dire straits. The local news channels stated the food stamps normally received for the month of February will be instead arrive this week.

“Please remember that those receiving benefits will not be getting any for the month of February, so spend them wisely.”

Those families that normally do not rely on any help from the government, either city, county, state or federal will be flooding into local food banks and taking many of the part-time jobs that MIGHT still be available to try and hang onto to their homes.

When this whole shutdown started, I know it was never expected to go on this long. The two sides seemed to always get things figured out at the very last minute.

I find it interesting that those making these decisions seem to be going on with “business as usual.” Their bank accounts are not being drained, nor are they in fear of losing their homes because they can’t stay current on their mortgages.

No matter who you are, or what side of the aisle you belong, this stalemate hurts EVERYONE. When people have no jobs, they stop buying groceries, eating in restaurants, and getting needed car repairs done. I think you get the picture.

I hate to use the phrase “trickle-down effect,” but that is exactly what we are looking at. Maybe someone else knows why the folks in D.C., who are obviously NOT getting the job done, are still getting paid.


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