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Rants & Raves | Jan. 20, 2019

Got something on your mind? Tell us about it in 40 words or less. If your rant or rave is about a specific story, please mention the headline.

Trump denies Pelosi aircraft for trip abroad: Who runs this Country, Trump or Rush? Guess I answered my own question, have a nice day president Limbaugh.

Lady Bulldogs on a quest to join other elite programs in school history: Thank you Beau Bearden for recognizing Kingman High School girl’s basketball team. In this age of three (separate but equal?) high schools in Kingman, KHS seems to get lost in the popularity/appreciation/approval mix. Much appreciated.

Recall of chicken nuggets: Wood chips in chicken nuggets? Delightful. Too bad they discover these things AFTER they are bought and consumed. Do the inspectors wait until the products are already in the stores, or what?

Veteran housing project gets necessary rezone: Why does this housing project get rezoned, and another project in the exact same area get denied? (see: Property rezone off Slaughterhouse Canyon Road denied). Very little difference between the two, except NOW we will have another unwarranted traffic signal.

Veteran housing project gets necessary rezone: I am a vet. The fact is some vets want housing help. Some vets prefer to live alone and on the street. Those that want it will use the housing no matter where it is.

Trump denies Pelosi aircraft for trip abroad: Didn’t the Dems just return from their Puerto Rican junket? Hard for Nance to negotiate with Trump while overseas. In Afghanistan no less. Are we sure she really cares the government is partly shut down? Nancy cares for Nancy only; hates Trump.

Don’t live here if you do not want to shop here: Kingman fools you. Move here and you assume the prices and taxes are in line with surrounding areas. Looks like cute town until you see Birdland or buy something overpriced compared to surrounding areas. Politics put this town negative.

Is Bolton steering Trump into war with Iran?: Bolton has always been a loose cannon. I would think Trump would gladly support his war agenda. He is a prime example of Trump’s “drained swamp.”

Trump’s attorney general nominee, ‘I will not be bullied:’ Hope this guy remembers that since he has to work alongside the “bully-in-chief.”

Gosar among handful to oppose back pay to furloughed feds: Gosar and all members of the House and Senate should refuse their fat paychecks until this shutdown is over. Our system of government is out of control. The Russians are laughing at us.

If President Hillary Clinton stormed out of a meeting: Yes, they all would have commented, just as all the news readers and contributors on ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, and the columnists of the The NY Times and the Washington Post did when Trump “stormed out” of his meeting.

Flu season: Flu shots? Are you kidding me? We know that only 3 percent of the flu viruses were avoided with the last round of shots. Just more control by the powers at be. Free to you, but SOMEBODY is making money.

Pelosi keeping loud new progressives in line...for now: Impeachment is not the way to go. Let Mueller’s probe continue. The true answers will come soon.

Cohen, ex-Trump lawyer, to testify before Congress: When are we as Americans, going to start backing people who do not have so much baggage to be our leaders. Apparently the Democrats and Republicans can’t be trusted. Lobbyists and dubious wealthy people control our entire government!

Teens and vaping: It appears that you are trying to reach teens, by using common sense. These are the same kids who drive with a blindfold (Birdbox Challenge) and eat Tide Pods? Find a better way. It is not working!

Democrats’ tenous grasp of morality: At least the Democrats have a grasp at “morality.” The Republicans have left “morality” in the dust. Even the leaders of the “Christian Right” tell us “morality” takes second place when it comes to governing.

King’s Remarks and GOP Response: King’s no racist but one of the good guys in the Republican party, trying to fight the ridiculous “white superiority” garbage being shoved on us, usually by leftist professors. Thank God for the mostly whites who founded our country.

Future water shortage: Water shortage? Why we looking the other way in sanctuary cities, inviting illegals to use our water that WE pay taxes for? Look at Australia and New Zealand to learn how to deal with illegals. They are on top of it.

Rosenstein will leave Justice Department: Great! Just in time to be investigated for his many conflicts of interest and hopefully, punished for being part of the underground coup trying to take President Trump down. Like his plan to tape Trump without his knowledge.

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