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Tue, Oct. 22

Community View | Americans are losing and no one is at the playground

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

Watching the Democrats, Republicans, conservatives and any other name in our democratic system hash out so-called details of their agendas, I have to laugh.

I truly feel I’m on a playground, any playground, trying to make sense of a broken swing and lines missing on a basketball court. Each side is trying to make points and making up rules for a game that they were playing to win. The problem is, none of our so-called elected officials realize that the swing is broken and the basketball court had no lines.

I saw kids putting their fingers in their ears and saying, “Listen to me, are you listening to me?”

As each one put their agendas on the imaginary line, I saw the others say, “What line? Is there a line?” “If there is one, don’t cross it or you’re out!”

A made-up rule because in order to win, you have to play within the lines. Sadly, this basketball court has no lines.

The swing on the other hand, although broken, has to be repaired in order for it to be useful. It takes several steps to make it safe and some thought to make it better than it was. It was broken once, so it will have to either be repaired or replaced with something sturdier that will withstand the test of time and abuse.

Do you see it? Maybe I’m the only one who sees past the backbiting, name calling, finger pointing and oh, the hate, what about the hate?

It makes me wonder who is the bigger party. There’s a better solution than impeaching the president, wasting time with subpoenas and court dates, not to mention taxpayer monies that could be better used elsewhere but instead are destroying our country with useless chatter.

Why can’t they find it? It’s why they all were elected, right?

At this point and time, it’s not one party that’s losing the game, it’s all parties, and the biggest losers are the American people.

When you look at this playground, I think the lines are still missing and the swing is still broken. This playground is really, really empty.

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