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Wed, Nov. 20

Community View | In response to T. Allen about the Catholic Church and child abuse

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I read the article in the opinion view by T. Allen, and I agree with him on almost all the issues he talks about, but he is missing some information or facts and I would like to point them out.

First off, it is not just the Catholic Church, this atrocity is happening in every Church. That’s right, all of the different denominations have this same issue with children being molested, and it might surprise you to know the percentage of predator clergy is quite higher in them. Some of them, names not mentioned, start from about 3 percent up to 10 percent of predator clergy in them. It covers all the Christian denominations.

The stats show it is about 1 percent of Catholic priests and bishops involved. Granted, 1 percent is way too many, as there should be none. All of these so-called clerics should have never been ordained in the first place, and in my opinion, the ones responsible for doing any of these things should go to prison. The abuse by any religious cleric is a violation of their vows, and again, they should have never been ordained. The problem I have is you never hear about this issue in other churches. Why? Because everyone that isn’t Catholic pretty much hates the Catholic Church.

Now let’s talk about a few facts about Pope Benedict’s retirement. First off, he had to deal with the sex scandal by clergy. Since he was the pope, he was being held liable for the Vatican Bank issues. Then he was taking things back old school, many of the bishop reformists had issues with this, and he was forced to retire. Granted, for a pope to retire is almost unheard of, and it has happened only once in about 500 years.

The issue I have with the article is not the truth aspect it talks about. The problem I have is, what about the 99 percent of Catholic priests and bishops who are very pious and very devoted men. They would never dream of harming a hair on a child’s head.

This article makes it seem like all of them are guilty, but guilty by association is not a crime. You asked why Catholics continue to be Catholic. Should 1.2 billion Catholics abandon their faith?

Catholics know that the word Catholic means universal, and that orthodox means true faith. The Catholic Church traces its roots through Apostolic Succession all the way back to when Jesus ordained the disciples 2,000 years ago. Then He gave the Keys to the Kingdom of Heaven to St. Peter as he was the First Pope, and just like most of the disciples, St. Peter was married.

I wonder why Jesus would start His Church using married men with families. I am Catholic myself. I am not here to represent the Church in this rebuttal, this is strictly my own opinion, but in many ways I do find the article extremely offensive to all Catholics and Catholic clergy. This article only talks about the abuses, but does not mention 2,000 years of the pious clergy, nuns, saints, and any others who have done our Lord’s work. Your article makes every priest, the whole Church and everyone in it guilty. And if they’re not guilty of molesting children, then they’re guilty by association.

Being a priest does not make you a pedophile and anyone thinking it does is incorrect, as most priests are pious, God-fearing men. I ask you about the innocent priest saying Mass, who was then shot down during Mass. His crime was he was a Catholic priest.

This problem isn’t going away anytime soon. There is a war and too much hatred toward the Church. This is not going to end anytime soon. You have a better chance of seeing the second coming of Jesus before the war on the Church ends.

I ask you this, Mr. Allen, are you going to take responsibility when some nut case opens fire in a Catholic Church and kills an innocent priest and innocent people?

This article should have been about the abuses in all the so-called Christian churches because this type of thing only breeds more hatred, and hatred without knowing the facts makes this only the partial truth. Granted, those involved should be sent to prison, but while you are at it take a look into all of the churches and put the truth out there because it is happening in ALL of them.

I am not a fan of the AP media simply because much of their reporting serves their agenda, and they should be considered biased. I would seriously question much of what they report.

My last point I would like to discuss is if Catholics should go elsewhere to worship as all religions or rites are the same, or it’s the same God, correct?

Here is the reality. There would not be any other Christian denominations without the Catholic Church. They simply would not exist. Where you think they got their Bible? The Council of Nicea in 325 AD. But if you think this incorrect, then please enlighten all of us Catholics as to what is the proper Church.

Where we should be praying at and what about our rites? You know the ones most all Christian churches copy in some way, shape or form. If it wasn’t the proper way, or the true Church, then why do so many other churches copy the rites and teachings that for 2,000 years the Catholic Church has been following?

All these other denomination of Christian churches didn’t even exist back then.

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