End of life: Should I be buying green bananas?

Having your ducks in a row is part of the end of life process. (Adobe Images)

Having your ducks in a row is part of the end of life process. (Adobe Images)

My brother celebrated his 78th birthday today. What a gift just to live that long. Only two days before his birthday I said good-bye to a 59-year-old, who died suddenly.

I can often be heard reminding people, "There is no age limit on death." Yes indeed, none of us are born with a guarantee of a certain number of years. When a child dies, we often turn to God to try to understand how these things happen. Why the child, and not the 88-year-old with Alzheimer’s?

I have decided that when my turn comes, I have many questions that I hope to learn the answers to. Assuming I get to go "UP," I have already made up my mind I will indeed see all my loved ones who went ahead of me.

I have found that those who truly believe we will all see each other after we leave this life, are much more likely to accept the death of a loved one. It works for me.

What if you could actually know ahead of time the day your life would end? Would you even want to know? I have asked myself this question and I would have to say no.

First of all, I already figure I will not be here when my great-granddaughters grow up. Not likely I will be around to see them graduate high school. Even my 4-year-old granddaughter tells me that. But to know for sure exactly how much time I have, I don't think so.

If you are living your life in the best way you can, you should be prepared to exit at any time. If you always remember to tell the people you love that they are the people you love, your work here may actually be done.

Is this what they call borrowed time? Aren't we all here just borrowing time? As much as we are allowed, of course.

Having your "ducks in a row" seems to be important, as well. I have a sealed envelope with my daughter-in-law that pretty much gives her access to bank numbers, bills to pay, and most importantly, how much I appreciate my family and what a great life I had.

Who has not noticed that the "most read" in the Miner is often the obituaries? Yes, indeed. Are we really checking to see whether or not someone we know may have passed, or maybe wanting to know the AGE of the dearly departed? When you see that most of the people are older than you, you feel a little more confident about your future. If it seems that they are all YOUNGER than you, not so much.

Today I wished my brother a very happy 78th birthday, and many more to come. If, as my oldest brother used to say, "I have to go first because we are all going in order," then I am the baby of the siblings and should have plenty of time left. If we should actually go "out of order," at least I was gifted with 70 something years of a wonderful life. Much more than many others get.

Something else my brother said when I asked him how his visit at the doctor went.

"He told me not to buy any green bananas or hard avocados. Should I worry?"

He could put a smile on my face, no matter what.

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