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Tue, Nov. 12

We can’t afford to not build the wall

As President for the last ten years (term limits, anyone?) of the Conservative Republican Club of Kingman, we have speakers and discuss a great variety of issues. However, clearly one issue overrides all. Speaker X comes to the meeting, is discussing one of a myriad of issues, and we take questions. So the speaker points to someone, and no matter what we are discussing, the questioner asks “when are you going to BUILD THE WALL?”

When we look at who pays the most in taxes, the reality is that, despite what you might hear in the media, it is “the rich” who pay virtually all income taxes. In fact, according to the Internal Revenue Service, the richest 1% of all taxpayers earned 20.1% of all income, about 2 trillion dollars, but paid 39, yep, 39% of all income taxes. In fact, the top 1% paid more in income taxes than the bottom 90% combined. Similarly, the top 50% of taxpayers paid 97.2% of all income taxes, the bottom 50% just 2.8%. In the state of California, with a population of well over 40 million, less than 150,000 people paid over 99% of the state income taxes. Of course, this is why we see headlines such as “New Jersey residents fleeing “in droves” as state Democrats fight over millionaire’s tax.”

I, however, like to look at the reverse to answer the immigrant question. That is, how much do people get in government benefits for every dollar they pay in income taxes?

The IRS divides groups into quintiles, which, for public school graduates like myself, means “fifths” (but not fifths of Jack Daniels). Not surprisingly, the top quintile receives about 30 cents on the dollar, in other words, they’re very productive. The second quintile gets about 90 cents back for every dollar they pay, not so productive but still a net asset. The fourth quintile (from 60%-80%) by contrast receives about 7 dollars in benefits for every dollar they pay in taxes, and the bottom quintile gets an astounding $33 dollars for every buck they contribute.

Unless you think a host of rocket scientists and computer engineers are giving themselves up to the Border Patrol in the Yuma Sector, I think the question answers itself. And, yes, I know that many of these come for economic reasons, and many work hard for low wages. Nonetheless, you can’t have an open border and a welfare state.

It’s is bad enough, and a very poor harbinger for our country’s future, that almost 60% of citizens are on some form of government assistance, and this doesn’t even account for the cultural aspects of importing millions of individuals from countries with no understanding of the traditions that have made our country what it is. But to not staunch the flow of illegals and to not BUILD THE WALL is sheer lunacy.

Dr. Schiff is a local psychiatrist, President of the Conservative Republican Club of Kingman and local Head of the Trump Campaign in 2016)

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