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Sun, Nov. 17

Community View | Candidates for president trying to make changes with blurry eyes

Taking a trip to the eye doctor, I was a little nervous because I had not been in a while. Knowing my vision had changed, I knew I was in for a huge bill at the end of it. I was seeing things through blurry eyes for a while, seeing numbers that were nothing like they were supposed to be and squinting because I couldn’t really see what I was reading or seeing.

Pride overtook my senses. Oh, I could drive and all that, but I knew it was time for a checkup.

So it is with today’s candidates in the race to the White House. It’s hard to see what they are trying to accomplish. Through blurry eyes, they are trying to convince us that all they want is what’s best for America. So, what IS best for America?

To be fair, I listened to all this chatter. Hearing everything and everybody’s opinions so far, they still have no solutions or plans for the American people. They are running on empty promises and blaming the President for everything.

Haven’t we been here before? Frankly, it’s not even worth turning on the television. It’s truly sad that they cannot come up with answers to our questions like, “What do you have for the American people besides climate change? Do you have any plans, any goals besides getting the president and your obvious hate for his administration?”

It is so clear what their agenda is: Get the President at any cost. I, for one, have never seen such hate-filled agendas. I am concerned about our freedom with these people. It seems to me that the agendas they are pushing will cost more in the long run. With their blurry eyes, they are seeing numbers that are not realistic and will interfere with our way of life as we know it. They are not reassuring us that we will not be a socialist country, in fact, they seem to think that Americans want socialism, Medicare for all, and open borders.

It would be funny except they’re using our Constitution to do it. I don’t think our Founding Fathers had this agenda in mind when they wrote it. At the moment, these candidates are squinting to see if maybe we will agree with their ridiculous agenda as they see it and get rid of our president.

Those who agree with this foolish ideology may soon find out one size does not fit all. I’m sure those who will be offended are those who haven’t counted the cost or have not really seen these ideas through clear lenses. Oh well, maybe it’s time for a checkup, or maybe pride will override your senses.

Or maybe, just maybe, America, as we know it, will slowly disappear.

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