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Rants & Raves | July 21, 2019

Kingman Police Department is converting to a new crime reporting system over a year before deadline. (Photo by Vanessa Espinoza/Daily Miner)

Kingman Police Department is converting to a new crime reporting system over a year before deadline. (Photo by Vanessa Espinoza/Daily Miner)

Got something on your mind? Tell us about it in 40 words or less. If your rant or rave is about a specific story, please mention the headline.

Animal Ban: Sure wish Council would be voting on banning animals from stores that are not legally registered for handicap purposes. Someday I want to ride in on a horse to get their attention.

Guzzardi’s column “Come one, come all:” Left’s trying to change it to “residents” are American citizens; thus the inside push to get them here. Time we prosecute mayor’s refusing to turn over illegals to ICE, etc. Anyone notice “migrants” assimilating per Founders intent? Didn’t think so.

Corporations are gobbling up Medicare rebates and making us pay more: I hear you, and understand. Try writing a letter to Trump and see if you get an answer.

Epstein case shows corruption in the legal system runs deep: “Ordinary citizens don’t stand a chance.” The rich can buyanything they want. They can stand on Fifth Street in New York City, shoot someone and get away with it because their base will support them. Who made that statement?

Elizabeth Warren wants to abolish private health insurance. Uh oh: Not a good idea on Warren’s part. Private insurance should be left alone.

Gastroenterologist joins Kingman medical team: Thank you KRMC and Dr. Kaplan. You will be busy here, Doctor, and we appreciate you coming to practice in our area.

It’s hard to get a handle on unreported crimes: This was a very good article. Unfortunately, Deputy Chief Cooper misunderstands the point. What it’s NOT about is “transient immigrants.” It’s about local crimes, unreported for shame, fear of reprisal, or lack of confidence in local authorities, NOT IMMIGRANTS.

Hard to get a handle on unreported crimes: This article deals with crimes primarily against women; assault and rape. And with crimes people are fearful to report. How Deputy Chief Cooper decided it was about transient immigrants is puzzling. Perhaps that perception may be part of the problem?

Golden Valley pedestrian killed in collision: RIP, buddy. Didn’t know you well, but I knew ya!

My Declaration of Independence: You are preaching to a congregation of the uncaring. Money, greed, power and keeping the wealthy super rich seem to be more important right now rather than keeping our children healthy.

“Concentration camps”: Except they don’t gas you, stick you in ovens or make you do slave labor. Except they feed you, clothe you and give you beds. And remember you can leave anytime you want and return to your country.

Census question: Asking has been OK for 200 years. Every country needs to know WHO is in their country. And it is important for re-apportionment, which really scares hell out of the left. There are possibly over 30 million illegals here.

Concentration camps: I must disagree with the writer comparing the death camps to the border detention centers. I am also JEWISH, and I find the comparison is insulting to those who died/lived in death camps. I, too, have many relatives who know.

Census question: Good article. If Americans could wean themselves off drugs coming from south of the border, less people from south of the border would have a reason for leaving their countries. American drug use influences everything.

Republicans are complicit in Trump’s racism: Teddy Roosevelt, a much more learned man than the current occupant of the White House said, “It is moral treason to say the president cannot be criticized.” Get a backbone congressional Republicans!

Republicans are complicit in Trump’s racism/ Martha McSally on Facebook currency: While the president does everything he can to divide and degrade our nation, spouting racist remarks, inciting violent chants that have no place in American discourse, McSally is silent, but she’s concerned about Facebook currency? Speaks volumes about HER priorities.

Nuclear Commission considers fewer inspections: We are still fighting for downwinders compensation, and yet, we are going to trust the NRC with fewer inspections for safety of nuclear power plants? What’s your family worth? Your home, your community? Worth the pennies the government will save?

Trump fuels a tribal war in Nancy’s house: If Trump says ANYTHING you have to believe it, right? Lord have mercy, where have we gone as a society?

Fifty years after “the leap” of Apollo 11: Remember it like it was yesterday; family all gathered. Buzz Aldrin, a devout Christian, first thanked God, had communion, read John 15:5; asked Earth to join in their own way, then announced Eagle had landed. Also read Psalms 8:3, 4.

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